Anyone Have ANY Kooba With the Ivory Lambskin? Problems?

  1. Hey ya'll! Okay, doesn't matter which style - Lucy, Claudia, Marcelle, WHATEVER.....does anyone have that beautiful IVORY lambskin from like 2006? How has it held up? Dirt issues? LMB work for you? Good color for all? Pass?
    Any information/comments/thoughts would of course and always, be most appreciated!!!! :smile:
  2. Hi jchiara, I have TWO ivory Koobas, a Sienna and a Marcelle. The Marcelle I just got from NM Last Call and haven't even worn it yet. Call me crazy for having two. I also believe Maggie has an ivory Sienna as well.

    I have worn my ivory Sienna quite a bit. It is still spotless. It definitely is a softer, more delicate leather, not nearly as sturdy as the darker leathers and people have had issues with color transfer. You just need to be very very careful. (Did I mention you need to be careful? LOL.) It is a lovely soft ivory color that goes with quite a bit. I wear it with lots of different things, except bright white. I also think it would do fine in the winter, with a winter white jacket or coat.

    So, if you are prepared to baby it (especially when wearing darker colors) and are careful in general with your bags, then I say go for it!! Otherwise, pass.
  3. Youngster's right, I have an Ivory Sienna and I love it, but (and there is a big but) it's not a bag for the faint-hearted (or careless), LOL
    It's a gorgeous, soft, lambskin and living in a hot country, I get to wear it a lot, but yes, anything shows and I will never wear it with dark colours again after some major mishaps...

    Having said that, if I came across a brand new one somwhere, I would grab it and be more careful this time (Lex, I sound like you, need a back-up, LOL)

    I'm not always a practical person when it comes to bags, something is just too beautiful to pass up, even if it's murder to look after, like suede...(and Ivory Koobas):smile:
  4. I've posted my situation a few times before about my ivory/cream colored Scarlett... so if I seem to beat around a dead bush, I apologize...

    Personally, as posters in this thread have said, light-colored Koobas aren't for the "careless" bag wearers like myself.
    Actually, I used my ivory-colored Scarlett, thinking it would be my pratical everyday bag for this spring's & summer's months. However, over time, I have noticed that the color on the bag is turning a bit more "chalky yellowish" (if that makes any sense to you)- esp in the direct sunlight.
    I admit that I didn't condition my Scarlett from the very beginning- maybe w/ some conditioner and/or protectant, the discoloration would've been prevented.

    Also, if you aren't careful, dirt marks/staining might appear on the side of the bag (as it has happened in mine, esp since the Scarlett does reach my lower hip area).

    So, if you plan on using your bag quite often w/out much fuss, I do NOT recommend the ivory and/or lighter-colored Koobas!! But then again, to each his/her own!

    No matter how much it has been a disappointment w/ my ivory discoloration issues w/ my Scarlett, I still love my bag... I just don't take her out as much anymore (and now, I am trying to clean her as much as I can- in vain, of course)! :push:

    Good luck in your findings! Hope this helps! :smile:
  5. No dead bushes....

    Sigh....I guess I'll have to think on this. I know that Loving My Bags has marvelous cleaners - and I've been talking to Barbara, the owner. She said that she's cleaned several of these lighter Koobas and depending on the dirt situation, they can turn out pretty clean. Dye is very hard to remove - but she said that they've removed stains and things that she didn't think would come out and they did. It's a crap shoot. And I'm so on the fence...:confused1: