Anyone have any info on this bag pls?

  1. OMG I love that bag, it's the one Mary kate & ashley have but they have all black. The bad thing about Chanel is that they don't give names to the bags. I know such a hassel when you are trying to find something you like but don't know what it is.
  2. I think a TPfer actually bought that bag from that auction!
  3. That linked bag was fake..
  4. :wtf: How can you tell?
  5. The logo hardware is unusually thick on the front of the bag. The interior label's font is also off, especially "Made in Italy," it seems very compacted and squished, really. Also, there is no authenticity card/care booklet for this particular bag. If you notice, there is an authenticity card and care booklet in her photos, but no card specifically matches one particular bag (so she could just use one card and care booklet for all of her photos).
  6. OH how sad for whoever bought it! :crybaby:

    But yes I have seen those Olsen twins photos with the all black bag, I just can't remember where. I wish I knew some style # so I could call around.

    If anyone has a link to the photo of the twins w/the bag could you please post? Then I will print it out and take it to Chanel and see if a SA can help me.