anyone have any good NO salt recipes?

  1. i know that's tough, but i have a friend who must be on a salt free diet for a couple of weeks before she has a procedure. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Just delete the salt from any recipe.

    Avoid recipes where salt is a beloved component. For me, that would mean spinach and beef dishes.

    Cheese tends to have lots of salt, so avoid it.

    Many canned soups are low sodium.

    Best way: cook using fresh ingredients and little processed foods. Taste is best this way, anyway.
  3. I rarely cook with salt, because high blood pressure runs in my family. I never have a problem with the taste, but that may be because I'm used to it. I just leave it out when a recipe calls for it.
  4. thanks- she literally can not have any salt- not reduced sodium- literally none. so, she pretty much has veggie omelettes and salads. i was hoping to surprise her with a 'tasty salt free' meal or two, but i haven't had much luck looking online.
  5. hmmm...that's really tricky. does curry powder have salt in it? if not maybe that'd be something good to use. or else macrobiotic sushi-ish food would be good.

    also, i like to check out this blog with vegan recipes (although i'm not vegan-their dishes just always look beautiful) and many of the recipes call for no salt at all

    maybe you could try one of those!
  6. ^thanks! and the sushi idea is a good one, too- even if it's calif. rolls- at least it's a change... thanks for the site, too- i'm def. going to check it out!
  7. My father had congestive heart failure two weeks ago and now is on a very low sodium diet. My fiance and I just went to visit him and we were in charge of cooking meals (we both cook at restaurants so cooking with no salt is verrry unnatural).
    It is interesting because you can substitute certain flavors for salt-- lemon, herbs, wines and vinegars for marinades, and mainly you will be fine. The hard part is no canned, jarred, prepared foods because they are high in sodium.
    Grilling and roasting will bring out flavor in food. It is difficult to cook with no sodium but my dad's cardiologist said we should all really be eating this way and he also said the easier it is to make the worse it is for you.
    Good luck to you and your friend! It can be done!
  8. B/c of my husband's health, he is required to be on a no-salt/restricted salt diet. I bought three cookbooks from the American Heart Association and they are the best! Most don't use salt at all.

    I highly recommend investing in these.
  9. Have you seen that salt free seasoning stuff they sell? It's supposed to be really good on meat.
  10. That's true! We use Mrs. Dash seasoning. :tup:
  11. Cook fish on the BBQ, just marinate it in lemon juice, olive oil, white wine and fresh rosemary. You can use a little pepper to give it some kick. Also, grill some vegetables using olive oil and pepper. Or, cook a whole chicken by stuffing sage leaves, garlic and lemon wedges in the cavity and using a little lemon juice and pepper on the skin. Very healthy and very yummy.

    My husband has high blood pressure so I often make meals without salt.
  12. thank you all for your ideas- she's having a tough time so these ideas should really help!!!