Anyone have any Ferragamo bags?

  1. Just bought a fantastic black patent Ferragamo bag. It is large and has plaited or braided handles. Looks much like the Chanel coco cabas that I missed out on. It is brand new for fall and I couldn't resist. Haven't heard much about Ferragamo on here. Maybe that is why I was drawn to it....not so common and don't meet myself coming and going.
  2. I don't have any of their bags, but their shoes are excellent quality. My Ferragamo SA always sends me photos of the new bags each season and I think a lot of them are really gorgeous.
  3. I got a couple. Don't like to use them for everyday use, however. Scratches too easily.
  4. Congrats on your Ferragamo bag, Luvhandbags! You should post a pic. If you do a search in this subforum, you'll find some other threads about Ferragamo.

    I have three Ferragamo bags that I bought a couple of years ago. (I'm carrying the black Marisa today, in fact.) To me, Ferragamo = classic styles, great quality, and "reasonable" prices compared to other premium designers.

  5. I also have the black Marisa bag like Cosmo shows in her picture. GREAT bag!!!
  6. Ditto the above. Ferragamo is great -- classic style, well made. I disagree a bit with acshis' comment about the leather scratching. It depends on the specific style. Either way, though, I'm a fan. Never have understood why we don't hear more about Ferragamo on tPF.
  8. [​IMG]

    Love this Ferragamo.
  9. [​IMG]

    Some different styles
  10. WOW! Your bags are fantastic!! Love them! :woohoo:
  11. Ferragamo is my first love :}
    I've had the epi-leather-like tote for over a year and a half now, I just cleaned it this past weekend, it looks even better than when I recieved it! :}

    And also, I JUST recieved the magnolia Vittoria satchel, on Friday from Neiman's! :} I've adored the Marisa, but it's way too big as a bag I want to use when I'm not going to class, so the Vittoria is perfect!
    I just haven't shared the news until now, I have yet to take pics of it either, she's still sleeping :} :dances:


    Post yours when you get it!
  12. congratulations, I would love to have a Farragamo, I sure you will enjoy!!! Ladies your bags are beautiful!
  13. I have the Vittoria in black, it's a great bag, leather is soft but sturdy and can be used in the rain without worry.
    I love how it sits on my shoulder without me having to hold it there.
  14. Congrats! I love Ferragamo. I have one bag and a large wallet and I receive so many complements everytime I use them. They are very, very well made and truely do last.
  15. I have this ferragamo flap shoulder bag in magnolia (cream) and its held up very well. I've used this as a work bag several times and it hasn't gotten very dirty. :tup: