Anyone have any experience with Lo Loestrin BC pill?

  1. I saw an ad for the new Lo Loestrin BC pill with lower hormone levels. Does anyone have any experience with it yet?
  2. Im glad you posted this, I was just going to post the same thing!
  3. I know that it hasn't been out that long, so maybe the responses are going to be pretty limited.
  4. I'm wondering about this too..right now I'm on the normal Loestrin, but I'd rather take one with less hormones if it's just as effective. I tried googling it, but I didn't find anything useful
  5. I saw this commercial too. I recently quit BC cold turkey because they were switching me from pill to pill because of all kinds of problems but I am not noticing that anything has gotten better so I'll probably get back on it for convenience. This pill intrigues me!
  6. I never heard of it. My dr just put me on seasonique to try and shrink endometriosis. I don't want surgery, so I'm trying this. I am noticing side effects however, maybe a lo one would be better.

    Please post if you find out about it.
  7. I remember hearing about it when we had our contraceptive lectures, I think it just got approved past fall. It's still a combination birth control with estrogen + progesterone but it's supposed to have the lowest dose of estrogen on the market 10 micrograms, vs. 15,20 or 25 mcg to supposedly reduce estrogen related side effects. It's also cool because it has ferrous fumarate in it - iron, to supposedly supplement you with iron as you loose iron while loosing blood during your period. That's my understanding but you can read about it on - sure it's a commercial website but some of their info is actually from micromedex - which is the software that pharmacists and hospitals use for to-go drug related information. I hope this helps. :flowers:
  8. Yes, ME!! lol. I am taking the Lo Loestrin and I LOVE IT!!! It doesn't affect my libido like the others did and has balanced me out hormonaly. I haven't had ANY side effects. I LOVE IT!!!! :biggrin:
  9. I'm on this too! It's my first month, so I had about two days of break through bleeding. I haven't had any depression or any other side effects so far though!
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  11. Please keep me posted on this. My annual exam is coming up in October and I might be interested in switching from Yasmin.
  12. Will do! There are blue pills, 2 white pills with less hormones, and then 2 brown pills with no hormones. I am about to start the white pills tonight and so far, I haven't had any PMS symptoms (and I went on the pill purely because my PMS was HORRIBLE starting a week before my period. I had migraines, horrible cramps, I would throw up, etc.). I don't feel sad or anything either, which was my problem on many other BC pills in the week before my period, I will keep the thread updated!

    PS: I was on Yasmin before so I will be able to compare the two for you!
  13. ^Thanks so much for keeping me updated on this. I'm very interested to see how it works out for you. Yasmin is about all I can tolerate without too much nausea for the first week of each new pack of pills. A lower dose would be nice. Also, I have a nagging feeling that my Yasmin is to blame for my sporadic libido even though my GYN doc assures me that it has nothing to do with it.
  14. No problem! Yasmin always made me feel sick the first week of each pack- nausea, headaches, dizziness, etc. So far, my only problem with this one was two days of mild break through bleeding, but I kno that is common with any pill for the first few months
  15. Just a quick update. I just got my period and I have NO cramps and had absolutely NO PMS what-so-ever. I will update if that changes but I think I am in love!