Anyone have any comment on the MCV Wallet???

  1. Hi Hermes gals!!
    I bought an MCV wallet and I wondered if any one else has had any experience with it?? This is my first Hermes purchase and since I've been totally banned from buying any bags till 2007 :shame: I bought this for my hubby's birthday coming in October. Anyone elses hubby use one?? I bought him the H belt a couple of years ago and thought this would go nice with it. He also has a LV wallet so I think it will be fun to see him change between them. And since I can't buy any bags.... I thought if you can't win them (PHH) make them join, know what I mean! LoL! :supacool:
  2. It looks beautifull!!!
  3. It does look pretty hot, doesn't it. For a man I mean. I think he will like it!
  4. chag,
    What is the dimension of the MCV wallet? Is it like a credit card holder?
  5. ^^Looks that way. For over a grand you get 3¾'' wide x 4'' tall of Hermes smooth leather lol at least it has a billfold pocket and eight card slots inside. Quite an expensive treat LOL!