Anyone have (and regularly use both) a Speedy 25 AND 30?

  1. I just bought a Speedy 25 off eBay a month and a half ago, perfect condition, love it to death. But I think it's too small.... I like it, and it's nice as it holds it's shape well for going out, and I feel like maybe the 30 seems more casual? Or at least that's how I'm thinking of it.

    I may buy a 30... but I feel weird buying a larger size of the same bag, you know?

    Just curious, who uses both a speedy 25 AND 30 regularly? I know it's not unusual, but I could never part with my 25 to get a 30... and I do want a 30 pretty soon probably.
  2. I had both the 25 and 30. I just recently sold the 25 on eBay. I just found it too small and I didn't use it as much as I "should". The 30 gets used way more....I would say go for the 30, and maybe you can sell the 25.
  3. Can someone post a pic of these 2 bags next together with different angles? I just spent 15 minutes searching the threads for a picture of this as well....Not to tread on your thread but I was just about to ask about these 2 bags as well:confused1: Looks like we are thinking along the same line:yes:
  4. So far I have 2 speedy 25 and 2 speedy 30..nothing wrong with that..
  5. But why would you have 2 of each?

  6. Because I love the shape of speedy and will plan to get damier azur 25 for Christmas plus I've been gooooooooddd:graucho:
  7. here's the pic of my speedies from speedy gonzales club..

  8. I mean the one on the left is 25 and the others are 30? Absolutely beautiful!
  9. oooohh, I thought you meant you had two identical ones of each! Right now I have the mono speedy 25. Where you have pictured both sizes, I can see that maybe that size really is best for me-- the 30. I just can't get it any time soon... I could if I got rid of my 25. But I don't know if I want to do that, I may just get both. I'm starting to think I will not be able to decide until I own both of them whether or not I will keep the 25 after getting a 30... hmmm

  10. I have Epi Yellow in 25....just bought Epi Toledo 30 so I will post pics after it arrives of them compared...I too would like to know..:yes:

  11. I used to have mono 25 and 30, gave 30 to my MIL because at the time I was about to get damier speedy 30.

    Get 30 and after that you can decide what to do with it.
  12. i have both the mono speedy 25 and 30. i use them both reguarly, just depends on what type of day it is :smile:
  13. The huge difference for me is that the opening on the 25 was way too narrow for me to get in and out of. Loving my 30 to death.
  14. I had a 30 for a few days then opted for the 35. I like bigger bags.
  15. Yea get the 2nd one why not. =)