Anyone have an problems returing a gift to LV at Bloomingdales?

  1. I need to make an exchange at LV in Bloomingdales. Are they better with exchanges (I don't have a receipt) then the actual LV stores? Thanx.
  2. How do you make an exchange without a receipt?
  3. I was just thinking that?

  4. By bringing the item in :confused1: , it was a gift.
  5. go in and ask. usually bloomies is more lenient. as long as it still looks new then you should be fine. and if the bag was bought at the lv store they can pull up a purchase history under whoever gave the item to you.

  6. Thank you so much for your help :smile:
  7. if it was a gift and you've decided on exchanging it, does the gift giver know this, if so can you just not ask for the receipt?

  8. Why would it matter if the gift giver knows if I want to exchange it or not? I would rather not offend the giver by telling them I want to exchange what they bought me.
  9. I think Bag Fetish was trying to say that maybe you could get the receipt from the gift giver and make your exchange a little more pain less..
  10. Are you sure there isn't a small gift receipt somewhere on the box? Some dept stores, like Macy's, attach these stickers to the box so the recipient can make exchanges, and the giver does not have to include a complete receipt with the gift.
  11. if you don't have the receipt, they don't know when the bag was bought. Their return/exchange policy is 2 weeks max. They can't verify this unless you have the receipt.
  12. yes, sorry to say but cola is right. they won't return/exchange it at bloomingdale if you dont have a receipt.

    federated dpt stores (bloomingdale, macys, mf, etc.) dont stick CRLs on LV products so there is no way of knowing that it came from their store if you dont have the receipt.
  13. Dont you think they will know you exchanged it when they ask you where your gift is?

    I would think if you're going to exchange something that you might now use, or that suits you, you would at least mention this to the gift giver and say that you love the thought but its just not something you'd use and would like to exchange it for something you could enjoy.
    I dont think that is going to make the gift giver feel bad. I would sooner the person have something they will use rather then something that is going to see a drawer not the light of day. IMO
  14. thank you.
  15. Bloomies won't take it back without a receipt - I was recently in the San Francisco store and someone was trying to return a purse. The store manager said that they could not take it back without a receipt to ensure that (1) they were not taking back a counterfeit, (2) stock levels within store were tracked (3) registration - to ensure that if future issues with the piece did occur, the customer would be insured a quick and painless route of satisfaction.