Anyone have an LV change box?

  1. I saw one of these at the store and thought it was so cool! I was wondering if anyone had one and how they hold up.

  2. I have never seen it, I think, what is the actual name, do you know?
  3. It's name is porte-monnaie boite in taiga. Some time ago it was also in epi:yes:
  4. I have it in green taïga but don't use it anymore....
    It's laying in my closet.
    Very handy tough...
    With a magic trick, it'l fit some credit cards too!
  5. I had the Taiga and don't use it so i eventually sold it.
  6. Its cute but not very functionable!
  7. Yep - that's the one I saw! I thought it was so cool the way it popped open like a box. Maybe I will take a look on eBay for somebody who isn't using theirs anymore.