Anyone have an Ipod Touch yet??

  1. i've been reading around other forums and see that best buy and apple stores have already released some. lots of people seem to be having problems with the screen but others seem to really enjoy them!

    anyone here have one yet??
  2. only SOME best buys have them - i work at best buy and corporate released a notice to us saying that there's no 'hard street date' for the iTouch and we're to sell them as we recieve them. Most stores are projected to recieve them as early as the 24th or as late as the 1st, and my store has not recieved any yet.
  3. I picked up one at the Apple Store in Old Orchard (Skokie IL) on Saturday. I have found no problems with the unit, but I am having difficulty syncing. I believe it is due to my iMac only having USB 1.1 ports vs. the required USB 2.0. However, I was able to sync sporadically, and my husband is traveling this week and took the iPod Touch with him, loaded with all of the episodes of the IT Crowd, and several episodes from the first season of the Simpsons. The screen looks GREAT. The wi-fi works just fine. I love it. and am looking forward to using it when we are traveling on vacation soon.
  4. Not me. I seriously doubt if I get one. I have a Nintendo DS, two Pocket PCs, and a Treo 700p. I'm sick of touch-screens. LOL.
  5. I just bought an 8gb today but my sis said I should have gotten the 16gb, so guess I'm gonna have to call around tomorrow to find the bigger one. Good thing I didn't open it first!!
  6. i think i might want to get one. i was originally going to upgrade to a Treo phone here in a couple of months, just for being able to have internet on my phone, but now i'im thinking it might be better to get an ipod touch since it has wi-fi. it would save me the $90+ cell phone bill a month!

    i consider myself pretty knowledgable about reg. computer stuff, but i know nothing about wi-fi! is it easy to set up?
    and what is syncing?
  7. I've got one. It is pretty easy to use.

    Syncing is the way you connect the iPod to your computer so you can put music and videos on it.

    WiFi is really easy to set up on the iPod the settings menu there is an option for it. If there is free public wifi available, you will see it. Otherwise you will see the network name. If there is a lock next to the name, you need a password for the network. There is also an option to enter the network name in case it is hidden.

    The only problem you may have is there is not wifi everywhere...I have a treo as well...the web browser on the iPod is awesome!!

    Have you considered an iPhone?
  8. The only difference is that the Treo (750??) will be able to get internet wherever there's a cell signal, whereas the iTouch will have to be near a wifi hotspot. Do you have hotspots near you or a wireless router?
    I'm' not sure what carrier you use, but I have unlimited data, 1000 texts, AND my sons line and that's around 90 bucks, so 90 seems a bit steep for just you.
  9. the touch might really be a good option for me...since i live in a college town, wifi is basically everywhere, and we have a wireless router at home. hmmm. i really wish the 16g was 299. i'd definately be getting one then.
  10. i have verizon and for the hell of it i did a little mock up plan to see how much it would cost. i think people have always said that verizon's data packages have been outrageous. they start at like $60 i think (not sure, i'd have to look again) but with adding everything else i'd want.. insurance... LOTS of text messages... it came to quite a bit.

    the iphone would be an option but At&t absolutely sucks here and everywhere i go. my parents have it out in PA and when they goto the nearest city which is 30 min from their home they don't even get service or they're roaming. I absolutely love verizon so i dont' see myself ever changing unless another carrier gets the coverage that they do. a few years back i went into at&t and the salesman actually told me not to get it because of some places i go to visit family the phone(any at&t phone) just wouldn't work at all.

    i believe there are alot of wi-fi hot spots around this area. i know my cousin takes her laptop anywhere in the state and she can pick up on a connection almost anywhere. would that be the same thing? and i live in a big city (for iowa) so that might be helpful
  11. I didn't even know it was out yet. Thinking of getting one for dh's anniversary in the next 18 days. Little low on dough to buy him MacPro or another Breitling.
  12. Yikes...have you looked at T-Mobile? Kara has the MDA and pays 6 bucks a month for internet. Granted, I did have to change a few settings on her phone to get that, but that was very simple and took 5 minutes at most. I think her total bill is around 50 bucks for 1000 text msgs, 500 anytime minutes, free nights/weekeds and unlimited internet.
  13. Some best buys where i lived received them yesterday, but are sold out. My friend was actually able to get the last 16GB from the Apple store on Monday. I think they're really nice. A lot thinner and lighter than the iPhone. It look really cool, almost exactly like the iPhone just without the phone.
  14. before i got verizon like 4 years ago i really wanted Tmobile because i wanted a sidekick phone but their service here REALLY sucks. :sad: it's sad
  15. I am thinking of an iTouch, I will probably put it on my Christmas list ...