Anyone Have An Indigo Houston?

  1. Someone posting questions about Indigo just reminded me how much I wanted this bag. I've always like this bag as I think it'd look fabulous with jeans (which I wear often) but I've never seen pics of a real person holding it. Do you mind posting pics of your beauty?
    How long have you had it? Any issues with the color or otherwise?
    T.I.A. :flowers:
  2. :yes: Yes, I have one. Mine is a very recent purchase. I haven't actually used it yet.... But it is very beautiful :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

    You may want to get one soon if you are interested. I was told by my LV SA who checked their system that there were less than 10 in the company (at least in the US).

    I am afraid I don't have pictures, my camera is kind of being tempermental on me. If you want I can see what I can do. But if you want pictures right away there is one on ebay right now.

    Houston Indigo Vernis
  3. Laria, your link is to a purple Houston, not an indigo one. The indigo is more....well....indigo. The purple vernis is very purple and was discontinued before the indigo was released ;)
    JoJo I PM'd you.
  4. Jojo - I don't have a picture of me holding my indigo Houston - I'll try to take one later today.

    I haven't had any color transfer issues at all with indigo. I feel it is a great color year round, but I will probably wear it more in the fall than the summer. You are right - blue jeans are a "neutral", and indigo really coordinates well when you wear jeans.
  5. I got mine as soon as it hit the store. I love it. No problems with transfer at all. It is probably my favorite bag.
  6. Sue, I love the scarf? on your bag! What is that exactly and are they still available? I called my SA yesterday about getting a Indigo Houston, I am so glad I did. Yours is beautiful!
  7. Indigo looks AMAZING!!! I live in jeans and think that maybe I should get this bag in that color.:idea: I don't own any vernis pieces. How are they care wise?
  8. Thanks, Steph! It is the blue flower bandeau - here is the link on elux:

    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Louis Vuitton Fleur de Porcelaine Bandeau

    They come in beige, blue and fuchsia. The fuchsia looked super on damier and mono. There is also a full sized scarf, too.


    The bandeau is longer than an Hermes twilly - you can wear it as a belt, too.

    Here's the Houston with an Hermes twilly ~
  9. ^^^^ Thanks, all elux has left are the beige... looks like I might have to call my SA again.:shame:
  10. Suedoc, your indigo bag is TDF!! i need one! is super!!!
  11. The Indigo Houston is a beautiful bag!!! I would love to see a pic of someone wearing it. :flowers:
  12. How many sizes are there of the Houston?:shame:
  13. Here's some quick pics. There is only one size of the Houston. There's the older discontinued Colombus and the new Brentwood, both of which are bigger (neither are available in indigo).
    IMG_0102.JPG IMG_0100.JPG
  14. Thank you for those pics, Sue!:flowers: May I ask how tall you are?
  15. Suedoc: thanks for posting those pics! Your bag looks amazing (and so do you)! I am suprised at how well the two blues look together....