anyone have an extra Coach 25% discount card?

  1. sorry if this isnt allowed for me to ask- delete if needed :smile: :smile:

    I have some pocket $ and hopefully some christmas money (im 16) and so was hoping to get a new coach bag, but as I only have 1 coach, dont get pce cards. If anyone has an extra they can send for arrival before next friday that'd be terrific :smile:

    thanks so much, happy happy holidays
  2. I don't have a PCE card but I was able to get the25% off at the Coach store at Hllsdale Mall in San Mateo. I think if you ask the SA at the Coach store they might give it to you. What I told the SA was I left my card at home, can I still get the discount without it? He said it wasn't a problem and gave me the discount. It never hurt to try. Good Luck.
  3. I think it's expired ??
  4. Expires the 24th.
  5. oh ok. thanks so much guys, I thought it expired the 29th :sad:
  6. Mine says it expires on the 29th.
  7. There was a 2nd PCE card that was sent out and it expires on the 29th.
  8. ooh what is a PCE card?
  9. ^ check the Coach PCE section. :smile: It's called Preferred Customer Event....basically 25% discount off everything in the store.

    i'd like to be next in line if someone has a card!! :biggrin:
  10. Me 2!
  11. If anyone has an extra card that they won't use, please PM me! It doesn't matter what the expiration date is. Thank you! :flowers:
  12. Hey did you find one yet??? If not I have one. If you did azia is next in line then. I had another one but I threw away because I got it before I joined the forum and I don't buy Coach. Next time I get one I'll keep them for the ladies on here.
  13. i have found one via psychpursediva- thanks- hope everyone finds one too thanks!!

    happy holidays :smile:
  14. I got one. PM me with your mailing address. I can mail it out 12/24.
  15. Gone!
    Avreen, I'll mail it out 12/24. Enjoy!