Anyone have an extra $100,000 laying around?

  1. :wtf: eeeek!
  2. what? i can't even imagine where i could wear those leggings, much less actually purchasing them!
  3. Wow...:wtf:

    and it says they're not even made of real gold. Wouldn't you at least expect some flecks of real gold in there for that price?!

    I mean even if it's custom made - can't you get like multiple couture custom made gowns for $100,000?!

    man... or a room with a giant mountain of bbags that I could dive into... haha *wishful thinking*!
  4. if i was a "fashion collector" id def buy these, even if i never wore them... of ccourse id have to be loaded as 100k can buy SOOOO much more besides some infamous leggings... but i definitely see these as a "collectors piece", which is probably why the price is so high, maybe?
  5. Even if I had 100k pocket change I wouldn't buy those leggings. I don't know a lot of women who look good in leggings. I'd much rather buy jewelry or a car!
  6. No comment!
  7. oh here is that 100,00 I had stuck in my bra strap last night. sure you can have it to buy the leggings!

    *hands over $$*

    ---> runs away b4 anyone realizes it's monopoly money
  8. they remind me of c3po in starwars.
  9. oh fug.
  10. OMG!!! it's so theatrically pretty!
    it'll be perfect wardrobe for my next job project! but not the funding of course :P
  11. Yikes :wtf:

    Those things are scary. I don't think I'd wear them even if you paid me $100,000.:P

  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  13. Can't seem to get my head around 100k for leggings. I would rather spend it on a nice gown or more bbags.

    Even if it was made of 18k gold, i can't imagine how a girl can walk around with all that weight.
  14. and I bet there's someone out there who is thinking about buying them...