Anyone have an Epi Speedy?

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  1. I've been thinking about getting a preloved Epi Speedy 30. I've heard some people say the Epi leather marks easily. It worries me because the Speedy is such a 'box'. I'm afraid I'll accidentally hit it on things and have it all marked up in no time. Does anyone have experience with this?
  2. I have an epi speedy 25. I originally wanted the 30, but it feelt so much biger than my canvas speedy 30 because it is so stiff. To me, the epi 25 is perfect. The opening is a little small, but I love the bag so much I don't mind. It is better to use with a smaller wallet, but I have used it many times with a full size zippy. As far as damage, it wears so well. I have a small wrinkle by the zipper, but again, I love the bag so I don't mind! Hope this helps :peace:
  3. I have an epi speedy 25 as well and use it a lot. I have had mine for years and it hasn't gotten any scratches. I don't baby my bags by the way but I don't throw it around or put it on the floor either. I agree that the speedy 30 can look boxy due to the stiffness of the epi so I got the 25 instead. What I like about the epi is that it gives the bag structure so I don't need to use a base shaper plus I'm not into bags with too many logos unlike when I first started purchasing high-end bags eons ago so I like that the epi is not as common as the monogram or damier print (but that's just me).
  4. I had an epi speedy and sold it, the 30 was too big for me, and I decided handheld bags not really for me.
  5. I have a vintage epi speedy 25 and it's held it's shape well over the years. The leather is pretty sturdy and doesn't scratch easily at all. I don't particularly baby my epi speedy but no scratches or color transfer issues so far!
  6. I had a 30 and 25. Sold the 30 because it was too big. My mom really liked the 25 (Toledo Blue) so I gave it to her. I still use it occasionally.

    Corners are still in great condition and aside from a couple of wrinkles on the leather, she's still in great shape.
  7. Hi!

    I have a preloved yellow speedy 25 and love it. Of course with buying preloved, you have to really look out for one thats in a good condition. In my opinion it holds up really well.

    I agree with previous posters about the size: the 25 and 30 are slightly bigger in epi than in Canvas . The 25 measures 27 cm.

    Have fun getting your epi speedy. You will love it!