Anyone have an english setter?

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  1. I'm thinking of adopting one and just kinda wanted to know a little about the breed.
  2. ^We have one! feel free to pm me questions.
  3. Here is a pic of our English Setter Sage-she's 6 years old.

  4. Awwww! mm16, Sage looks so proud of her pheasant! She looks like she's saying "I'm a great huntin' dog!" in the first photo.
  5. Lol! She is such a cuddle bug. The other night I was sitting on the living room floor and she came and sat in my lap, just plopped right down..I think that's the first time she has done that..

    She is such a great hunter! Thanks bag-mania for the comment.
  6. Oh sage is adorable!!!!! How hard is it to care for her hair?
  7. Honestly, we don't do anything for her hair. She bathes herself mostly and we've never found matts on her.
  8. I'm looking for some colored sec!
  9. Here are some more pics.

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  10. This picture is so cute! She's like look what I brought home mommy!! :smile:
  11. More like to Daddy..I have NOTHING to do with those freaking
  12. LoL! Sorry but of course! Made Papa proud!
  13. Sorry, while my SO hunts with her, I'm not into it what so ever. I just go along to see her play and do her job.

  14. We went to see the English setter today, me and her share the same name so we'd probably end up renaming her if we decide to adopt her. She was beautiful and got along really well with my Boxer. I'm really hoping my DH will say yes, I've already voted Yes so it's up to him now.

    MM, how are they inside? She has so much energy and was running like a maniac outside but the lady says she settles down the minutes she gets inside. Is that true for Sage?
  15. my bro and i grew up w/ an english setter named darby. she was a great dog. she didn't mind when i put my mom's makeup all over her face... super sweet dog. she did have extremely high energy, my mom had to take he on daily bike rides. if you're an active person, i say go for it!!! they're great family dogs too.