Anyone have an Azur Pampelonne PM?

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  1. I orignally saw this bag in the boutique when it first came out and passed b-cuz i thought it was too big.

    Then I got a call saying that there was a GM available if I was interested. At that point I had fallen in deper love with Azur from seeing pics on the forum. I thought about i.....t but passed. The GM would be waaaaay to big.

    Well now I received a call today saying that there is another PM available.
    (I put my name on several lists before the Azur was released)

    I don't know what to do. :shrugs: This bag is nearly sold out all over the US. if I change my mind later...which I'm known to do...then I would have lost out.

    Yes- the bag is big but its gorgeous. :drool:

    Who owns this bag on the forum??? Please tell me the pros and cons!!!! :yes:
    I remember the rope handles being really huge but has thta been an issue for anyone who has it?

    TACO--you have one....hows it going?

    I have to make my decision by tomorrow.

    thanks :heart:

    Here is a link for those who have not seen it

    Louis Vuitton: French fashion designer
  2. You my dear are FREAKING me out!!! Carry one bag...just one... before you find another...LOL...oh but wait..maybe you are collecting??? NOT carrying??? I did that for ages!!!!
  3. I think taco is the only one...I have been debating the gm.

    It very nice, the rope handles worry be it a bit.
  4. I know. I'm bad. I am updating my LV collection pics and will post soon. I tried to wait b-cuz I have a few others on the way ...but I took pics anyway.

    And I KNOW you are not I guess you only own one bag? LOL :roflmfao:

    It's the limited edition bags that are getting me lately. But I'm trying to sell each time I buy something new (I said trying). And I did carry a new bag yesterday (damier cabas mezzo) now I'm ready for another.

    BLAME THE PURSE FORUM :yes: :heart:
  5. pics? i have no idea what that looks like.. im in the dark..

  6. I tried to post a pic from the LV page but it would not let me. If you go to their websiTe under Damier Canvas you will see a pic.

    Meanwhile I will try to find a pic that I can copy and paste :yes:

  7. I know. If the rope handles were not so darn thick it would be an easy decision for me. I remember them being huge and heavy.......but the bag is so pretty.

    i can't beleive only one member has this. :shrugs:

    TACO--where are you? Tell me all about this bag:yes:
  8. Bumping this up for the morning crew. :yes:

    Anyone have this bag???
  9. Guess that answers my question.......

    no one has it:shrugs:
  10. One last try and then I'm going to give up :shrugs:

  11. I don't have it, but I tried it on. It is beautiful, but reminds me of a beach bag, especially with the rope handle & all. It doesn't look like a purse IMHO.
  12. I'm thinking about this bag again. :noggin:
  13. I had this bag but sold it. It is a gorgeous bag but in my opinion way too big for day use. The rope handles made it very attractive but they would get very grubby. If you could afford to pay this amount for a beach bag it would be great for that, could always see myself carrying it on a beach in St. Tropez with all the other celebs:roflmfao: :roflmfao: Beautiful but not practical bag if you want a nice Azur my advice would be to get the Speedy
  14. Here's Taco Azur Pampelonne PM: