Anyone have an Anna Corinna bag?

  1. I've searched the threads and found a few complaints about the workmanship...but they look so lovely and so reasonably priced. For anyone who has one- is the leather really soft and buttery? Is it comparable at all to Balenciaga leather?
    Pictures of your bags would be great too as the colours seem to be a bit off on the websites I''ve visited...TIA:flowers:
  2. I purchased the gray Anna Corrina bag and I gotta say I have worn it 5 times (that is a lot for me) in about 2 weeks and I adore it! Its nicely made I would equate the quality to Botkier maybe ... the leather is nice very soft and vintagey feel to it.. I am thrilled that I bought it. I only wish I had bought the chocolate one too LOL..
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  4. I have the brass mini city tote. It's a very light, comfortable bag, and the color is awesome. I wouldn't spend over $300 again on her bags though because the workmanship is pretty sloppy, and I sent the first one back for another try, and it was the same on the second. The inner lining is always fraying, especially inside the pockets at the seams.
  5. I have the AC mini city tote in plum. I really like the bag because it's light and there are two ways to hold it. It's the perfect size-- you can fit a magzine in it even.

    The leather isn't buttery though. It has a very distressed look to it. Some people have complained about the unfinished edges of the leather. I have no problem with this, but buyer be warned.

    AC city1.jpg AC city2.jpg AC city3.jpg
  6. I just purchased a Anna Corinna bag. I'll re-post when it arrives.
  7. I have heard the same complaints you probable have...unfinished edges, lack of workmanship, attention to detail...
  8. ^^Oh no - i hope not! :sad:
  9. I bought a AC lady duffle... it's a very unique bag and I love it... but you definitely have to overlook a few things. I had to fix a few minor details myself... but the underside of the handles are unfinished and unturned leather... so if raw edges bug you anywhere on a bag, then don't buy... but otherwise, the leather is REALLY soft.. I wouldn't compare it to balenciaga leather though.... more like squishy pebbled leather... really squishy... feels lush and vintagey

    It's very soft. I think I posted pics of my bag somewhere on this forum...

    If you find coupon codes out there somehwere you can usually get the bags for like 300 something. is a great store to buy from.. so is
  10. ^^I got my Manhattan Sling Bag for $199.00. I know it's not going to be like my b-bags - That's why I got it. I need a more "knocking around town" kind of bag.
  11. Just received my AC drawstring bag. I agree that the style is awesome, but the quality is lacking. I'm keeping it because it was a good deal on Shopbop and it'll be a great "knocking around town" bag. But I am disappointed in the overall workmanship.
  12. I got a Lady Duffle in brass and a City Tote in caramel. The City Tote went back but I love the Lady Duffle. The Tote just didn't have any thing about it that made it "special" imo but the Duffle is a nice looking bag with a unique look to it. The edges are unfinished but it doesn't bother me as they aren't obvious. I checked my lining over really well too and it looks fine in the duffle. I think the duffle looks to be better made than the tote. I wouldn't pay full price for either bag though. I got the duffle for 60% below retail.