Anyone have an ANI bag from luna boston?

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    Just ordered this because after selling all my cross body bags I found I really can not
    live without at least one so I'm hoping I love this. It's the ANI Nadia medium cargo in dark grey - anyone own this bag?????? or any ANI bag?
  2. I just bought the same style in black but haven't carried it yet. It is extremely lightweight, the leather and hardware are very high quality, and I love the ability to adjust to multiple settings. The longest setting (cross-body) is quite long on me but I think doable.

    Did you have any specific questions?
  3. I have an ANI Logan (don't think this style's around anymore) - it's wonderful. The leather is great quality and it's extremely well-made. I love the hot pink lining and the versatile strap too. Ani had stopped making bags for awhile, so I was thrilled to see the new colors on LB.

    If you get the grey Nadia, please post some photos - I've had my eye on this one too.

    Oh and until Friday, grechen25 for 25% off courtesy of Grechen's Closet. :smile:
  4. ^^ yes thanks - I used the 25% off code when I ordered - it should be here soon!
    I'll definitely post pix. I was concerned about the quality but am glad to hear it's good.
    I'm wondering how the leather feels & how the bag hangs at the longest strap adjustment. I like my crossbody's longish so I can kind of push the bag behind me. I'm only 5'2 so I'm hoping it works. I'll definitely post pix when it comes!!
  5. Yes, I've had 4 Nadia bags~ Olive Dust, Cherry Red, Slate Blue & Periwinkle Blue (still have both blue ones) The leather is very soft & the bag is lightweight. I'm 5'2" also. I love mine!
  6. ^^^ 4 nadias! You must really like it then! I'm more excited now, can't wait to get it & once again enjoy the option of being hands free!
  7. If anyone's interested, there's a sky blue Nadia on sale for $400, so it would only be $300 with grechen25.
  8. I have one in purple I got a few years ago. For me, it's too heavy to use cross-body (the only ones that work for me are small), but it's a really nice, well-made bag.
  9. I love mine. I've been wearing it to death lately.
  10. I have a Cameron (which is the Nadia without pockets and named after one of its users, Cameron Diaz) medium and use it daily. After about nine months, it's showing some wear, but it still looks very nice. I think it is relatively light. I notice that Ani is now making bags exclusively for LunaBoston (she used to have her own web site.) From another post here, I learned that the leather may be a bit different; perhaps better.
  11. I've been lusting after the green one. It's so pretty.
  12. I have a medium Nadia, but to be honest, I kinda wish I could exchange it or sell it for a decent profit (no one is selling them on e-bay and when one does come up, it's for WAY below the buying price.)

    Maybe it's just me, but now the bag seems so blah. It's not really classic like a coach, and there isn't really anything distinctive to set it apart. It's a perfectly functional, useful, well-made bag, but there's just nothing really snazzy about it.

    ANI lovers out there, please feel free to convince me otherwise ;)

  13. one of my good friends has the Nadia in cherry red, and while i agree that the shape is simple, the color is a knock out. she gets CRAZY compliments on it no matter where she is - NYC or the wilds of rural Pennsylvania!
  14. In this case I was looking more for function than something snazzy, already have plenty of snazzy, but I don't think it's blah. I think the color I chose is very pretty & will match all my winter coats. I wanted a quality leather crossbody & I also really need/like outside pockets - the only decent size coach able to go cross body is the bleeker duffle which for me doesn't work - extremely plain with no outside pockets.

    If you don't like your bag I do think you should sell it. Even for a loss it's better than it sitting around being useless to you. You can put the $$ toward a new bag you do love!
  15. I have the cognac Nadia and I love it. It's a little big for me (I'm 5'2") but it holds a ton - I purchased a large chameleon insert in matching hot pink for smaller items and I either load the insert on top or bottom, depending on the errand I'm running and what I need to access quickly.

    I like the simplicity of the bag - it's no coincidence that I just got a medium coach bleeker too...I'm really drawn to simple form/function.