Anyone have an alligator LV bag?

  1. I'm interested in getting the details of placing a special order for an alligator LV. Does anyone have one?

    Anyone know the answer to these questions, I've called 1.66.VUITTON but they can not answer my questions. I need to meet with a special order person at the store, um yeah I can't wait for answers!!!

    1. Can I special order a speedy 25 or 30 in alligator (most likely black or brown)
    2. In the catalog the alma comes in brown, could I get it in black?

    3. Which style would look better Alma or speedy?
  2. Speedy in black alligator!
  3. I just put in the special order request for a black alligator speedy 30. I really hope it gets approved!!
  4. ohh keep us updated!! how exciting, congrats and i hope it gets approved!
  5. Oh interesting, that sounds so exotic !! :amuse:
  6. I put in a special order estimate for a black alligator Keepall 50. It was sadly declined. :sad: I hope yours goes through though!
  7. I would be interested to see what they say. I have tried to SO several speedy bags and they all got turned down.
  8. wow alligator speedy sounds amazing, keep us posted!
  9. I think Sofibella has a Croc Lancelot...but her's was from the exotic leathers line I don't think it was special ordered...

    a Speedy does sound good though..
  10. Maybe it's the way the bag is made that the Speedy/Keepall shape is not suitable for the alligator material?

    Sounds very exotic!
  11. Good luck with your speedy request! I used to have the Lancelot in red but I sold it last year. Here is a picture of it:
  12. sofibella> That's a gorgeous bag. I wish I'd seen it when you put it up for sale.
  13. :nuts: :love:
  14. I got the request back, well sorta...The SO LV Rep called me here is a summury of what he told me...there are 3 types of special orders 1. custom design (which is you and a SA sit down and design a bag and it can take up to 2 yrs. to make) 2. Alteration special order (which would be like adding a cell phone pocket in a speedy 30) or 3. Special order form sku (which is like ordering an exotic bag from the catalog). This fall the speedy 25 or 30 (not sure what size yet) is going to be added to the "special order from sku" section of the catalog. This means you would not have to pay the extra 30% but you may still have to wait 6-8 mths for the bag to be made. So I'm going to wait and see what comes out this fall.....
  15. Oh that's interesting, thanks for the update !

    Did you get a ballpark figure for the price of this hypothetical bag ?