Anyone have codes?

  1. I am planning to buy a toddler bed off Amazon, but wanted to check here first if any of you know any discount off codes? TY!
  2. Amazon codes are very rare. The only ones I've seen are special deals that apply automatically in the cart (free subscriptions or a percentage off certain items). The bed should qualify for Super Saver shipping, but that's probably the best you're going to do discount wise :shrugs:
  3. Thanks Ladies! :smile:

    You're all probably right.. I was just trying my luck here. :shame:
  4. One thing Amazon does do is price guarantee - so if the price on their website reduces up to 30 days after you purchase is it - they will refund you the difference. I don't know if you've noticed by Amazon's prices fluctuate all the time.

    So now, after I have bought something I add another item to my basket (in the saved till later section) and every time you there is a price change - a sign comes up when you go into your basket.

    Over the holiday season I was logging on Amazon fairly frequently - and I managed to get over $20 returned (just a simple email to CS and the credit within 24 hrs).
  5. ^ Whaaaaaaaaaaat?! :wtf:

    I never knew that!!! I could have saved soooooo much money over the years!! :push: