Anyone have Adios & CiaoCiao vinyls yet?

  1. Does anyone have them yet?

    I just ordered mine from (I hope that's a good site)
  2. Not yet. They're on my B-Day list which I provided my dh with 2 days ago.:rolleyes:
  3. I preordered mine at the Quiet Storm. I am patiently waiting for them. =) is the official tokidoki site.
  4. same here
  5. I thought so. I just never ordered from there before.
  6. i haven't yet. they're on my to-buy list. i'm trying to get all the bags i want first!
  7. Nope, but I'm planning on getting it soon. 8D It's sooo cute, either that, or Moofia figures.
  8. ditto, quiet storm. do you know when they'll be shipping it out? i hope it's before comic-con!
  9. I have no idea when they will send them out. It's still for preorder on their website. I hope soon. hehe.
  10. I wanted them...but I'll hold off -- it's not a priority for me right now hahahha but eventually lol. My mom needs them though hmm...
  11. Ohh they sell them at ? Do you guys now if they take paypal? or just credit cards?
  12. idk...but i swear shipping was a real beyotch..but I could be wrong if they changed it since they first opened the store or maybe that's just for Hawaii...
  13. I asked if someone could pick them up and one person said they might be able to but I haven't heard back from her :sad: if not then I'm waiting until comic-con to get them