Anyone Have a Yellow Noe?

  1. I'm thinking of bidding a yellow petite noe but not sure how practical the color is.

    Does anyone have one? What colors do you normally wear with it? Is the epi leather very fragile? How do you care for it?

  2. I think that same one is on my watch list but I'm not getting it (no money!). I love that color and think it'd be a great splash of color for the winter. I would wear it with neutral colors so that it "pops" more.
  3. I love the yellow ones. I´m remembering someone has it here.
  4. i reckon a yellow one is pretty cool, i wanted one for so long, but i'm still wanting other items.. i think it'll add colour to any outfits :yes:
  5. I think Irene has one?
  6. I have a yellow petite Noe, its great with black, navy, olive, tan and chocolate brown. I really enjoy it and whenever I wear it I get tons of compliments. I have mulit colored rain boots and its really fun to wear it with that.
    If you are undeciced def go for it.. its really a great bag.. hope that helps
  7. I have yellow noe. LOVE it!!! It looks AWESOME with jeans and white top!!! Actually, it looks great with a lot of things!!!:graucho:
  8. I have a Yellow Petit Noe too, and I LOVE the contrast purple lining...different from all the other epi colors....and it rally goes with almost anything you wear, almost close to the mono ones so you shouldn;t have any problem matching your clothes.
  9. I agree! It is an awesome color. At first I thought it was too sunny or bright looking. But, my closet is practically all pastel pinks and the tassili yellow really made old pastels look alive and vibrant.:flowers: :yes: