Anyone have a wrist tattoo or tragus piercing

  1. I'm looking to get a very small fairy on the underside of my wrist on the left it very painful? I am a baby lol :lol: are there any good online sites with designs?

    I was thinking about getting a tragus piercing too. That would seem more painful to me than the tattoo though?

    Would love any thoughts!
  2. IMO the tattoo will hurt far less. I had a piercing in my upper ear and it hurt and got infected, it was a disaster. I would imagine a tragus would hurt alot more. Two hour tattoo wasn't bad though.

    I would also consider whether you'll want people to readily see your tattoo, i.e. depending on your current or potential future careers, but then you probably have.

    A fairy would be cute, you'll want a really good artist, maybe you can look around and get recommendations from people who you see.
  3. Oh forgot, my isn't on my wrist, its on my middle to lower back, which is supposed to hurt quite a bit too.
  4. I have my tragus pierced. It hurt, but far less than my tattoos. My ear made this weird popping sound as the needle went through the cartilage. However, I think the pain afterward and healing time of the piercing is worse than that of a tattoo :lol: I have sensitive ears, and for a week it felt like I had water in my ear. Infinite amounts of Swim Ear didn't do anything for it. I developed a big bump above the piercing, it was from the stress of the ring that was initially in the piercing. I constantly soaked it in warm water and sea salt (great for healing piercings!), and it kept the swelling down, but it finally went away when I went to my piercer and replaced the ring with a straight 16g barbell.

    In my opinion, tattoos are much easier when it comes to healing and aftercare. It's worth the temporary pain. Piercings can be such a pain, but I love the way they look :smile: Both are addictive, you've been warned :P
  5. hey Twinklette - i'm getting a tattoo on my left wrist (the underside) in about a months time... i'll let u know how it feels... i've already got 1 tattoo on my back that wasnt too sore - it was only a little one! what are u planning to get if u go with the tattoo???
  6. Thx Cristina! Funny you mentioned water in the ear and DH said the same thing. I'm super sensitive and have bouts of motion/vertigo so maybe that isn't the best to get, the tragus? It's sooo cool though, I love the look! If I got one I'd want the barbell.

    Helen I'm thinking either a small heart or very small fairy - something teensy weensy. My sister has a huge tattoo around her ankle, her belly button, she has her bellybutton pierced...I'm a baby on the other hand lol!
  7. I have a tattoo between my wrist and forearm, it's my horoscope. As I recall it didn't hurt as much as I thought. Maybe because I was so excited about getting one?! I brought a friend along so she kept me busy a distraction from the pain. I think you'll do fine, it's totally worth it!
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  8. Pursemama I want to get mine very close to my hand - I think on the left side of my wrist and really teeny. I think I'll be fine! I reeeeally want the tragus though but am way chicken. Plus I have ear issues...and Cristina affirmed my fears, that it can cause problems :sad:
  9. I have one on the inside of my wrist and it did hurt but not unbearably. Tattoos hurt...piercings hurt...but they're worth it!!
  10. Aww, I didn't mean to discourage you from getting it. I love mine. I've had it for 3 years, and it only gave me problems the first 6 months :lol: The bad one is my industrial. I had it done in February of last year, and it still flares up :mad: I got it on my right ear, and I sleep on that side - bad idea! :shame:
  11. no you didn't discourage me! Just affirmed what I thought could happen..I'll have to think about it. 6 mos. is a long time to suffer!!!

    Ok - moron here :blink: but what is an industrial????

  12. i have one on the inside of my wrist. it did hurt pretty bad for the first 10 minutes, then after that it goes numb and you're fine. go for it! the wrist in general is a pretty painful spot to get inked.
  13. totally sounds cute!!! i'm thinking about getting a star... :amuse: i'm not too sure what colour i want though... i guess its probably safe if i just stick to black... :amuse:
  14. I've been pierced about 40 times and I've gotten the tragus and vertical tragus done twice. It really doesn't hurt at all because it's all over in seconds. However, healing it is extremely annoying. It didn't work out for me so I had to take them out.
  15. I want to get a tat of my last name in Cambodian. It's really pretty and pretty short. I don't suggest getting a tat out of the blue because you might regret it! Do something that really means something to you. I've been wanting that same tat since I was 16, but now that I'm 20, I'm too chicken! :rolleyes: