anyone have a white balenciaga bag?

  1. i'm thinking about getting a white "the day" hobo, but i want to know how the color white holds up to wear & tear?
  2. I have a white city. It's held up beautifully. I do treat it very often though and give it some :heart: . I am so glad I got it. I can't imagine what made me even wonder if it was a good idea or not! :love: :love: :love:
  3. i have a white first... i totally love it! i havent taken it out for a test drive yet... as it hasnt been exactly 3 months since i gave up smoking... but i think the colour is just SO wonderful!!! i reckon its a great colour for summer!
  4. So is taking out your white First your reward in quitting smoking? :graucho: Take the First out!!! Take it out now!!! :lol:
  5. Helen - take that bag out and use it immediately!!!
  6. thanks so much for your replies girls...i definitely feel better about going for white now :yes: ...BalenciagaLove, can you tell me what you use to treat your bag & whether you can do anything to cover up marks & scratches?
  7. I have a white Twiggy but haven't used it yet. I will probably treat mine with Apple Guard conditioner and the spray before I start using it.
  8. Definetely treat it before you use it. I bought a white city, but immediately sold it here. Im really easy on my bags, and it still got dirty fast.
  9. I have a white first, but it is not the papery white of the newer bags, but more like ivory. It's a great summer bag, goes with everything. But I guess the ivory might be a bit more resistant to dirt than the pure white. And white bags get dirty, or darken with age - I think they look better when they are broken in and not screaming-new-bag-white!
  10. I responded to your PM. But for others who were wondering.... Like Kat said, Applegarde is the best stuff. I use apple leather conditioner on my bags, even as a light cleanser. As far as cleaner, apple cleaner can be a bit harsh (I use it), but there have been complaints about it removing the dye from the leather (yes, it does do that). Many others recommend leather CPR which is available at Bed Bath and Beyond. Either way, be careful and always spot test. Also, be gentle with it, do not scrub the bag.

    And then always, applegarde stain repellant will help prevent stains. This does not mean that your bag is stain-proof, it simply aids in the stain prevention. You can buy all this stuff (except leather CPR) at

    Good luck! And love the white!:love: :heart: :love:
  11. thanks so much for your replies everyone...i'm still on the fence about the white...especially since stuff seems to jump out at me when i'm wearing it :Push: ...i'm gonna try to go to the balenciaga store today & check it out!!!
  12. ^^^ I can just picture this:

    Aaallabama is sitting at a coffee table, reading the newspaper. From the corner of her eye, a ketchup bottle slides along the inside wall before it hurls itself at her stunningly beautiful white Balenciaga. Good thing for her that she fortified her defenses with Applegarde!

    Stay tuned for the Next Episode: Aaallabama Versus Kikkoman Soy Sauce! :yes:
  13. lol :roflmfao:'ve read me like a book BalenciagaLove!!!
  14. Irissy and livethelake - ok promise i'll take it out 2nite when i get home i'll go to the supermarket with it! :amuse: