Anyone have a violet darling?

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  1. Do you love it?? About to make a purchase but I'm hesitating slightly because of the gold zipper around it. How is the color in real life (I LOVE PURPLE) and how does the gold hw contrast with the bag?

  2. I don't have a picture handy; but the violet is a bright reddish purple and looks great with the gold hardware. The leather is smooth and lightweight. I say go for it!!
  3. I did it, I can't wait!! My first RM and in my fave color in the world :biggrin:
  4. Darlings are wonderful :love: I have 2 (olive and burgundy) and just got a black cat fringe darling a couple of weeks ago!
  5. CONGRATS on your first RM! Violet is a GORGEOUS shade of purple & the Darling are the most comfy bags around.