Anyone have a valid coupon for Off Fifth?

  1. I am going to the Saks Outlet this weekend and was hoping that someone had a valid coupon that would be good to use at that time. I saw that someone had posted a 25% off coupon, but that it expired on May 6.

    Thanks in advance! ;)
  2. I received one in the mail, but it says it's for 5% additional off selections that are reduced 20% off.
    That's not such a great deal, but you are welcome to it.
  3. Oh, one more thing...does the store allow you to use scanned and printed sales flyers? If not, I can mail it to you, but you may not get it in time.
  4. They do allow printed sales fliers. And thank you for the 5% off of additional sales items. But what I was probably going to be looking at (BAGS!!!) it would help with a much deeper discount!! :shrugs:
  5. I haven't received any coupons from them lately. :sad:
  6. I received one last week, but it was because I purchased a few things. It was a $10.00 off and the cashier said they were only giving one coupon out per customer who made a purchase. Funny thing, I used a $10.00 and a 20% off coupon on last weeks' purchase as well, so it seems like I just keep, "rolling". :yahoo:
  7. Also, I just got one in the mail for $25.00 off the purchase of $100.00 or more. Hoorah for me!!!!!:yahoo:
  8. Well, I am super happy for you. But i was kinda needing one for myself!!! One that someone could post, and that I could print out possibly!!! :idea:
  9. Not sure if this will help but if you go here and sign up for the VIP club, you can print out to get a VIP coupon booklet. I remembered that the last time I went (over 3 months ago), there was a coupon for 25% off 1 item at Off Fifth.
  10. :yahoo:
    Oh, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!!

    Now Can you tell me how you get these on a regular basis sent to you? I have signed up for their email promotions in the store, but still they send me nothing!
  11. I think I signed up on Saks website to receive their offers, and they throw in the Off Saks offers as well.
  12. yay, i was hoping to get a new coupon..thank you!