Anyone have a vache liegee kelly?

  1. Did board searches & I can't seem to find any. So far, I am thinking I like this & chevre the best. I need to see the VL in person, though.
  2. I have a vache liegee Birkin in natural. It is quite stiff, with a lovely grain. It would make a great kelly!
  3. I handled a 32 cm retourne VL Kelly in noisette recently. It was beautiful but very stiff. I am not sure it is one of my favoriteleathers in terms of feel, but if you are looking for a retourne bag, you can rest assured that this will not sag with time.
  4. Mine's 35cm gold, retourne. The gold is lighter than any other gold leather I have seen, more a honey or caramel shade. This natural grained leather is delightful, it has lightness, structure, a gentle sheen although it is mostly matte and the grain is smaller and more feminine looking than the togo and clemence. The grain is a good 'half-way' choice between smooth and textured leathers and it shrugs off rain too - I think that would sway me over the chevre although I love chevre too. I bought a noisette Bolide in VL, I love the leather so much, it has the best of everything I think. It was the original leather for Hermes luggage as it is so durable yet light. Downside is the price, it's the most expensive leather. For chevre, if I were to choose a bright colour, then I might be tempted by chevre, colour is so great in chevre, I also love the spine mark. But for the UK, I would be a bit worried about the rain and general dampness of the climate.

    Here are some pics although I have to say, VL is not the most photogenic leather, I think you are right - you have to see it IRL:
    hermessalejan07_2.jpg vlgold.jpg rehermes4.jpg wed7feb07.jpg vlgoldkelly.jpg
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  5. I cannot remember who else has a VL sellier kelly but I remember thinking how lovely VL looks in a Kelly. Especially Brique.:drool:
  6. Your bag is stunning!!! I thought chevre was supposed to be another leather that was good in rain & snow. Is this not so? I also live in a rainy/snowy climate (I am sick of this snow already), plus I have 2 little boys, so I need something "hardy". Even though I love color, I am thinking black, if not black, then a neutral of some sort (though I love vert anis & potiron). Of course, it would be the most $$$ leather. I always do this--DH says we could go in a store with no price tags & I'd pick out the most expensive thing.
  7. Chevre is also great in rain. Better than Togo/Clemence.

    Chevre and VL have a very different feel or 'hand.' You really need to get into H, try on some bags in these leathers and hopefully you'll just "know" what's best for you.
  8. I think the Gold Vache Liegee makes a stunning and versatile Kelly sellier especially if combined with contrast white topstitch and palladium hardware. White contrast topstitch seems to stand out more in this structured leather and particular color.

    Let me share some photos of this Kelly combination but in the briefcase version to give you an idea.
  9. For some reason, I had it in my head that chevre wasn't so good in the rain , sorry about that, trouble is, now I have free rein for something in chevre...
  10. Have you felt and seen chevre IRL? They are very different - chevre I think might wear more than the VL - and it is softer - oh and my dh is like yours - I always pick whatever costs more for some reason lol!! BTW - are you on the East Coast by chance? We have another storm coming and I am also SO tired of the weather!

    Adding to say I have a couple of pics not of a kelly but of 2 bolides - the indigo one is VL and the brighton blue is chevre - HTH!:smile:

    Indigo bolide 009.jpg

    BB and shawl and bracelet 002.jpg

    brighton bag & thalassa bracelet.jpg
  11. shoes, I remember aspen saying that it's the easily scruffed corners of chevre that puts her off chevre. I'm a totally new chevre owner right now and cannot comment on chevre's durabilit, VL on the other hand - (I have one too), because of it's sturdy nature and therefore chosen by by Hermes to make big luggage bags, it's probably going to outlast chevre anytime. Pete from LZ has told me that he has a messenger bag made of VL and he totally throws it about and it looks pristine.
  12. Thanks again everyone! They haven't had any VL at the H boutique near me to try out :sad: but I'll keep waiting. I did very much like the chevre (though I saw it in fuschia). I would so love to have box, but it wouldn't work for me. THanks, mrssparkles--I do not know how my search did not turn up the first thread. I see sellier & my heart melts..I also personally like the contrasting stitching.
  13. Yep, I'm in OH & it is snowing right now. :cursing: HELLO! It's mid april!!! My boys haven't been able to ride the bikes that the easter bunny brought them. Also, your pics made it harder, as I love the way both the bolides look. I also love indigo! I did see & feel & touch & bond with the chevre, but haven't seen any VL in person, yet.
  14. VL is definitely a much stiffer leather - and I do feel it will last and last! I think it does depend on what your strongest preferences are - i.e. durability/feel/etc....I had a birkin in chevre and the corners scuffed fairly quickly - my bolide is handling it better though! Oh and in the pics the VL is only the top pic...I thought it showed the leather pretty good!