Anyone have a Thickskin VIPx or any other Thickskin bags?

  1. I'm wondering how the quality is on these. Also wondering if the VIPx is huge IRL.
  2. I bought a Thickskin Bucket bag. I gave it to my mother.

    The quality is very nice, the leather is divine and the attention to detail very good as well.

    For me the problem was that I ordered direct from Thickskin and for whatever reason it took over 4 weeks to get the bag; by the time it arrived I had purchased a Thomas Wylde hobo bag and didn't want to rotate in the Thickskin bucket - hence, how my mother ended up with it.

    I don't know if their distribution has gotten any better over time; but, I would hope so - 4 weeks is a long time to wait for a bag (that is not a Birkin). :p
  3. Wow 4 weeks is a long time!
  4. Wow...4 weeks? Wow.

    The VIPx looks huge...My stuff would get lost in one of those. :lol: But it's soooo pretty.:love:

    Thickskin bags are gorgeous. My husband wanted to get one for me as a Christmas gift when they were offering certain bags for half off via He emailed and never received a response. It's too bad because I really wanted that bag.:girlsigh:

  5. True! :lol:
  6. I have the Thickskin bucket and regular VIP bags (both in the color black cannibal- they were in her liquidation sale)
    I originally ordered and recieved the VIPx but when I got it, I freaked out because it was way to big for me- much larger than I imagined.. she let me exchange it because she sent me the wrong color..normally they don't allow returns for I exchanged it for the VIP. I thought the VIPx would be like your typical large tote bag (to carry a few notebooks in etc), but it was HUGE- much more like a luggage bag for a trip. It was gorgeous otherwise (well-made, etc), but I wouldn't have ever used it, except to pack my stuff for vacations..
  7. Was the VIPx pretty heavy? Hmmm, it's sounding like it might be too big for me. I was hoping to use it as a work bag--laptop, files, etc.