Anyone have a Theda?

  1. I am very attracted to these for some reason but I wonder what they are like IRL. So far I have been outbid twice on eBay b/c I can't bring myself to bid over 1k.

  2. I have the gold-trimmed Monogram Mini Theda's one of my favorite pieces :yes: The Multicolor/Monogram ones are easier to find on eBay (plus cheaper!) but I don't think I've seen any go for less than 1K. I hope you're able to find one though...Thedas are beautiful!
  3. I have the MC Theda and the golden one trimmed in Ostrich.I love this bag!!!:yes:
    Photo 11.jpg
  4. I have the white multicolor theda Gm, my husband bought it for me and it is his favorite LV, LOL
  5. I have the monogram GM one .. I got it off eBay for about $780 ... bargain and it was in great condition
  6. Oooo that ostrich theda is so very very scrummy!
  7. Michelle has pretty one, blue I think.
  8. I do have the Theda GM in Mono and it is one of my favorites as well. I like it so much that I don't carry it so often, if that makes any sense.:confused1:
  9. Love that Ostrich Theda....
  10. love the theda...too bad they don't make it anymore
  11. I love the Theda, any colors are TDF
  12. I had a mono one and got rid of it very fast as all of my stuff kept falling out. Although it's doing the same in my new reade. I don't mind that one doing it though because it was much cheaper! lol
  13. I have the Suede Theda PM:


    I WISH I had the blue one, it's TDF! : )
  14. I did have the white MC Theda but it wasnt for me. The closure wasnt safe, the top of the bag was too open which made it very easy for my things to fall out.
  15. I'm sooo glad people love Theda... I've always loved it, but recently have become not sure... they're not in production anymore, huh? I'd love a mono in the Theda, since it's so girly, I like the mono contrast...