Anyone have a Tan Madison Hobo (or other Tan Leather Bag)?

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  1. I picked up a tan madison hobo at Macy's today for about $200.
    I usually carry black bags but I am *trying* to go lighter this summer. I didn't plan on quite this light...but it was a great deal :P
    I am just curious about how the tan leather will wear.
    Can anyone tell me if it shows dirt easily?
    Do i need to protect it or do anything special to keep it looking good??
  2. So I guess tan was the winner? I have to say, I have loved all the colors that this hobo came in. I am using the cornflower now and it is neither super light or super dark so I don't know if what I say will help. I would think that the biggest concern with a light color would be color transfer? The Apple Rain and Stain Guard should help with that somewhat.

    Hope you love yours as much as I love mine! Wear it in good health!

  3. Is it a winner??
    I am embarrassed to admit how many purses I have bought and returned and some still sitting here with tags on trying to figure out what I want!!!
    I am hoping someone can tell me if color transfer is an issue.
    Also, if general wear and tear will make this light color look bad?
    And, is it safe to use that Apple Guard on this leather.
    And, what are your thoughts on this color in general???
  4. Weren't you debating between Silt and Chestnut? And you ended up with Tan? That is what I meant with Tan being the winner.

    I love this color and bag so much that I now have it in Tan (yes, thanks to Macy's), Cornflower, Chestnut and Silt. I love everything about this bag. The tan looks very classy and I think the subtle gold hwardware adds a little something to this color. I have a Fawn Zoe that I think is very similar (not same) to the Tan and I have used that a lot with no staining or anything of the sort. So I would think this should be okay. I would use this color year around - I refuse to peg my bag into seasons. I have sprayed Apple with no ill effects, but that is my experience.

    I hear you on the tags on thing - I used to be like that, but now I know what will work and I just don't look at anything else, no matter how tempting it is! It is kinda freeing actually to not get sucked in because its on sale, for I know I will never use it!

    I hope you find "the one" and don't get caught up in the thrill of the chase. Been there, done that, and NOT doing it again!

    Enjoy your bag in good health!
  5. One of my HOBO's color is grey birch which is even lighter than the tan hobo. I have used it quite a bit and no problems with color transfer at all.
    I have many tan and lighter color bags and have not treated any with apple guard "yet". I have heard on here the stuff is great protection for certain bags, just not sure how it is on Hobo leather.
    Also, I never wear "dark wash or black denim" (just medium stone wash) with light color bags since I would worry some color from darker jeans could transfer onto them.
  6. Yes, actually I think I was.
    I ordered a chestnut (and have it here)...but do not LOVE it on me for some reason.
    And the silt I tried on in the store and didn't love it.
    I also have here a D&B Small Florentine Vachetta Satchel in chestnut that I do like (sorry coach!!)
    But then today I saw the Tan Hobo and I was surprised that I liked it as much as I it is now here too...oy!!
    I have got some returning to do!!!
    Just have to figure out what is staying and what is going......
  7. I have 6 tan/camel bags (all Coach) and I have no issues with dirt or color transfer (I wear jeans every day of various washes, too). None of my bags are treated, either. I hope this helps! :smile:

  8. I tried silt at the store and didn't love it. Caved and ordered it on PCE and tried it at home and work and LOVE it. It doesn't display well in the Coach store lights. You might try it at home! In the meantime, I have tan and parchment hobo, apple spray is fine for both and will fully protect them. Haven't tried them without that protection, but with it, it's great!!!
  9. This does help....thank you! :smile:
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    I just got the tan hobo (also at Macy's--haha) and I haven't worn it yet but have the same concerns. I'm paranoid about putting any sort of treatment on it, but I do wear a lot of dark denim, so maybe I should bit the bullet! Or just see how it goes first. Let's both update this thread if we use the apple spray or see any color transfer!

    On a related note, and I know there is a special thread for this, but specifically for the tan hobo--how do you ladies clean it? I've read you can't use the normal leather cleaner on pebbled but this will be my everyday bag (until I switch to the black Madison hobo for fall--yay) so I anticipate some cleaning.

    Thanks for this thread, briallie! This is the second thread you've started that answered a question I was asking myself. :-P

    ETA: I'm looking on Amazon and "Majestic" leather cleaner is also highly rated. Has anyone used it? Also, if I'm looking to PROTECT my tan Madison hobo (as opposed to clean it), should I get the Apple Rain & Stain Repellent or the actual Apple leather cleaner/conditioner? Or both? Thanks!

  11. Get cleaner to clean, repellant to protect. I have used both on the hobos, turned out great!
  12. Thanks! Did you use Apple for both cleaner and repellent? I'm tempted by the good reviews for the "Majestic" brand but may get the Apple repellent.

  13. I have used Coach cleaner and Apple protectant. So far, so good!
  14. You're welcome! I do love me some! :P