Anyone have a Sony Vaio 11.1 inch laptop?

  1. I just got one, but haven't opened it yet. I'm having doubts a little. This Sony is the smallest size laptop they make, I believe, and it's incredibly portable (and cute!). I can fit it in most of my handbags. And I can have easy instant acess to the web anywhere (oo, the Purse Forum, lol!). Anyhow it was a small fortune...$2600, and I'm not sure it's worth it. I'm afraid of it being too fragile. Anyone have one of these? Can you tell me of your experience? TIA!
  2. I have one, the TX series right?

    In any case I've had just about every small Sony laptop ever made, and they are pretty durable. I think this one only weighs like a pound so it seems more fragile, but I've taken mine traveling and the bf for the most part carried it in his Damier Geant messenger which isn't the most padded for laptops and it was just fine. I have carried it in my denim cabas no padding and it has been fine as well.

    I also like the net ANYWHERE feature (wireless WAN) built in so thats nice.

    All in all I'd say it was worth the price for the portability. I generally only use it for travel since I have more powerful computers for the home stuff :smile: I think the size is basically what you're paying for anyway.
  3. Thanks Berlyn! I think it is the size we pay for. It's so light and fun! I was amazed at the store. BTW, did you feel the need to get an extended warranty for it??? That's another $400. Worth it?
  4. I got the extended warranty :smile: I don't even know where the certificate went though, so I hope they have it on file. I always get the warranty, but I dont really know why since I get a new computer what seems like every 6 months. Its just my bf and I in the condo and we have like 8 computers here.

    You should get the extended warranty if you plan to keep the computer more than a year, or if you just want the extra piece of mind. If I had to pay for that kind of thing with my own money I'd probably seriously consider the merits of getting it or not.
  5. You pay for size with little laptops! My dad's got a 10.something inch fujitsu lifebook (different brand, I know), but it's pretty durable, despite it's tiny size! It gets lots of comments when I borrow it to take to uni too!
  6. Yeah, I should def get the warranty then. I know what you mean with computers, we too have...well let's see...6 computers in the house. I just got a Sony Vaio last Christmas, but a 13 inch one with a whole lot of power. Like you said, this one would be good for travel, and for long my daughter's 2 hour orthodontist appt this morning! lol

  7. I bet! They are so cute so small like that. lol I wish Sony would have had the 11 inch in PINK! ;)
  8. I think that's the one I have....I love it!!!

    I got the extended warrenty too.
  9. Berlyn and Twinkle, do you guys use Sprint for wireless access? We've been using the aircard from Verizon for our other computers...but I'm wondering if I should just switch over to Sprint since the software is built in the Sonys already. If you do use Sprint, does it work good?
  10. ^The sprint works great, the only thing I didn't like having to sign a contract for the service. Its not a big deal, but its not something I use all the time. It is great to be able to use the computer wherever you want w/o a hotspot though! :smile:
  11. I have a regular sized one which was about $2000 and I like it. I've had it for like 4 years and it is still in perfect shape. I think I paid for a name more then anything because cheaper brands had better features, but I do love it. It is better than any other brand I've had.
  12. I have it and I LOVE it :tup: (despite the fact that I was convinced I could only work with Apple laptops :p).

    It doesn't seem fragile to me now that I've gotten used to it; I also got the extended warranty just in case...
  13. You don't just pay for the name, you pay for the warranty that comes with it too! Usually, cheaper brands are able to come out with cheaper products because they cut back on customer service and things like that ;) IMO and from what I've seen, with my father being in the business and all :p

    Oh and three of my friends have the regular size Vaio and they LOVE IT! So I guess the smaller one is just that, smaller, but just as great as the big one! :p
  14. do you think the small tiny laptops overheat with use, though? i'm usually on my laptop a lot (i have a 12 inch mac powerbook) but it gets warm pretty quickly. i'm in the market for a new laptop and am thinking about what to get...
  15. ^My TX doesn't get too warm at all, i think my macbookpro gets warmer and its 17''. The older small vaios had problems with heating, but I think they did a great job with this one.