Anyone have a sneak preview of fall show???

  1. I just figured with all of our savvy girls here someone would have somehow found a sneak peek at the fall show?? Anyone???? I'm going to go insane waitng for October 8th:hysteric:
  2. No...The spring 2007 show is on that when they have it they put it up on or
  3. I would do anything to go!
  4. UGH I'm dying to know! I was even searching last night for Murakami and any rumors he did something LOL
  5. i have!!!!!! :wlae:

    ... just kidding :P we all just have to patiently wait till next week ;)
  6. Wait is this show going to show the 07 spring
  7. Yes! :yahoo:
  8. OHHH IM SO EFFING EXCITED:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  9. I'm excited too.
  10. I'm really excited too!!
  11. yeaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh