Anyone have a scan of the LV Cerises line?

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  1. I'm looking for something like when Uma Thurman modeled the Manhattan PM. Not sure if there even was one done like this for cerises?

    Reason being I want to put it as my desktop wallpaper as I finally tracked down a LV Cerises for myself (from ebay). I want to keep staring at it until it comes. Nuts I know, but I am so excited...share my joy!!!:smile:

    :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :idea: :love: :love: :love: :love:

    (oops I thought I posted this in the LV forum - can someone move me please???)
  2. i dont have cerises but i've got a nice MC one...! and i personally edited it myself so that it'd match everything tiled as ur wallpaper! anyone interested?
  3. I'd love to see any LV that I can use as wallpaper :smile: Thanks!!

  4. sure thing! here ya go!! :love:


    hope this is legal tho... :worried:
  5. thank you I love it! Not sure about the legality but it's beautiful :smile:
  6. hahaha... u're welcome! =D my friends call it the flashbang effect..
    -.- they say everytime i flip up my laptop screen everyone around me gets blinded..
  7. Hi twinklette!

    I think I may have what you're looking for...I have and old Vogue magazine with a couple of layouts of uma thurman with a couple of is a cerises the other is a white mc bag, do you want me to scan and send them to you? I think they're abosolutely gorgeous photo spreads...just let me know!
  8. ajamesgrly I would LOVE THAT! If you need my email please pm me ok?

    Orinoco I got compliments on my LV wallpaper at work today. Everyone said it was so me lol.

    Thanks so much :nuts:

  9. oh ajamesgrly,
    can i have it too ...:nuts:
  10. me too. post it here!
  11. Hi Everyone!

    It's not really a wallpaper...just a scan from an old vogue, it's a two page layout so I had to scan it in two parts...hopefully the quality is mediocre, but I love how the pic looks in the mag...I'll scan the other one with the white mc also when I get the chance! enjoy!!


  12. found this while surfing...

    Attached Files:

  13. That's so perfect! I love it, thanks blackbutterfly!
  14. thanks , butterfly,I'm looking for that for a long time
  15. Please do a search for "wallpaper" as there are threads on this that you can read and post in. Thank you!
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