Anyone have a Sca Plat?? Love it or Hate it??

  1. i was thinking about getting one for myself if i end up going back to school. it seemed kinda tall...but also seemed like it would carry notebooks and papers great. let me know what you guys think!
  2. I don't have one, looked at in the cerise, because it was cute. But it is very thin, I personally would not reccomend ir, especially for books, don't think it would even hold 1.
  3. I have the Cerises Sac Plat and it's not the best bag but it's good for the office. It holds docs and files very well.
  4. I saw a girl at work carrying one (mono) and it looked absolutely smashing with her winter white peacoat and dark denim. But it does seem a bit limited for what its purpose is...
  5. I used to have one but sold it. I found it difficult to carry once you started to pile things inside.

    Files are ok but I would not recommend heavy books.

    IMO this bag looses its beauty if its too bulked up inside with stuff. So as long as you are not a pack rat like me you should be ok. LOL
  6. if you are looking for a school bag, i'd say go w/BH. Sac Plat is cute, but i doubt it can stand the massive weight of text book....., if not BH, any messenger style will be good choice for both guy and gals :smile:
  7. I dont have one but it looks like a great bag
  8. I like that shape... It should be good for files...
  9. I dont have one but i think it is a cute bag.
  10. yeha i only wanna keep papers, folders and a notebook....i dont wanna carry my text books in it. i have to carry heavy books in front of me with both arms cause i have a back problem. so i also cant carry a lot of weight on one shoulder either which is why i thought it would be a nice handheld/crese of the elbow held bag.
  11. I had this bag but I sold it...I bought it back in 1999 when it was only $430.00 from Neiman Marcus and it didn't have an inside pocket...i used it for work everyday and school and it held a lot of stuff for may look thin but it will hold more than you think...the newer model sac plats have an inside pocket now and even a cell phone holder I believe...i had to buy the infamous pochette to hold all my cosmetics in and always had it attached to the ring inside the bag..

    since it now has pockets in it i was thinking about getting another one...i think it will be a great buy..:heart: :yes: