anyone have a sac chien?

  1. I'm thinking about getting a Sac Chien for my mini lop rabbit. I was wondering for those who have one, what size did you get? I'm not sure whether I should get the small one or the large one. My rabbit is about 8-9 inches long (laying down, but not stretched out), and I will be taking long road trips (7-8 hrs) with her and I want to make sure she is comfortable and able to stretch out in the carrier when we're on the road. Any input would help! :biggrin:
  2. I have the smaller one...I dont think its really worth it unless you really wanabe flashy (This was a gift for me when i was 16)..there is no shoulder straps so you have to lug it around.....and thes not a very comftorable shape,..and I think at can buy 20 rabbits and a nice kate spade bag for them all
  3. Do you think the small size will be big enough for my rabbit so she is comfortable?
  4. Honestly, cutiepie21, I would not get the carrier. I was thinking of getting it as well, but I discovered pet strollers! They look EXACTLY like a normal baby stroller, except there is mesh where there is normally an opening. I love mine for my two chihuahuas. They are definitely much more comfy riding in that than in a bag. If you want to check it out, there are tons of them on ebay,or you can go to My model was the navy blue 'Happy Trails' version. Good luck:smile:
  5. The smaller one is 16" x 12" x 9"
    The larger one is 20" x 13" x 9"

    Hopefully that helps you determine if it's big enough for your bunny :smile: Both are on eluxury, just do a search for "sac chien".
  6. the small one would fit your rabbits...they fit my two chihuahua very nicely~
  7. i would watch it. bunnies have a tendency to chew, which is why i decided against getting one for my bunny. the small one would fit a regular sized bunny.. mine's a dwarf so it'd be more than enough room but again like i said, she would chew it right up.
  8. Hi Frozen, I forgot that bunnies chew everything! LOL. I'll have to take that into consideration before I buy her one. Although she would look soooo cute sitting in a LV carrier!
  9. I am trying to find one on Ebay for a friendly price.... does the small one have gold feet on the bottom? And are the LV's upside down on one side?