anyone have a rouille first/city?

  1. how do you like it? do you have pictures? Do you find it can work easy with your wardrobe? I've searched a couple, and I see different hues, I'm totally clueless when it comes to red bals.:shame: TIA!
  2. I found one, aaalabama's and its TDF, but there has to be more girls with one right?
  3. I used to have it in the Day and i loved it. The color is absolutely gorgeous and it ages beautifully. :yes: This one is still available.:love:
    Ann's Fabulous Finds
  4. ^^ ACK, not that dang bag again, it's always coming back to haunt me (i miss it soooooooooooooo much!!!) :p

  5. I have a rouille city. The color IRL is like a sunburnt orange- really nice, not too orange-y. The color goes well with black, browns and pale colors.

    The thing I don't like about my rouille city is- the leather is too thin.

  6. AAALLABAMA- you're my savior! I contacted annsfabulousfinds and she has it on hold for me!!!
  7. OMG she offered it for 850, is this fate or what?! should I snatch it up?
  8. The color Rouille is beautiful. But have to warn you again that the leather is THIN compared to all my other b bags.
  9. ^^ OMG, yes, get that bag girl!!! :wlae:

    p.s. the leather on mine was gorgeous :heart:
  10. Yeah! Snatch it's beautiful!
  11. you don't think its too high right if it has a darkening of the handle and corner?
  12. I have a rouille City that I ADORE!!! I'm a huge lover of orange hues and this deep red-orange is TDF....I'll take a pic and post in a few....
  13. I have a rouille twiggy -- and the color is GORGEOUS. It's a true red-orange. You can't say it's red and you can't say it's orange. The color goes with practically everything and it's a bright shot of color without straying into the candy area. I carry it all the time.

    I wouldn't say the leather is thin, though. It's not super thick and smooshy, but it's a lot thicker and smooshier than my marron and greige firsts!
  14. Also, it photographs very differently in different light. Sometimes it looks a little washed out, but IRL it's a rich color.