Anyone have a rouge vif twiggy or box?

  1. I am still un-decided between the first or city rouge vif but would like to see if the box or twiggy would be a good compromise for size and shape.
    If anyone has opinions please help a fellow bag addict about to go insane form bbag decision making! :sweatdrop:
    Any piccies of thre box or twiggy would be fab.
    Thanks again peeps. :heart:
  2. It would be amazing in the Twiggy. Newly becoming my new favorite shape
  3. Don't have it in either, but I have seen it in the Twiggy and it looks fabulous!
  4. I am now SO tempted by the thought of having it in the twiggy!
  5. i dont have both in rogue vif... but i have the box in magenta and it is fabulous.
    i thought somebdoy in here has rogue vif box... i dont remember who... hopefully she sees the post and will post pic for you.
  6. I have the Twiggy! This is such a boring pic, maybe I'll take a better one later. I have to say that I LOVE this bag and I wouldn't trade it if I could because I am emotionally attached to it :lol: but I still say go for the City! I am kind of obsessed with Twiggys but a red City is still #1 in my book. :yes:
  7. Thanks Glimmer, it is a true beauty! I have rang Selfridges and they do not have any twiggys in rouge. I have told the SA that I will not be buying it until 2 weeks anyway (payday!) and so could she ring me if one comes in. I still pine for the first but need to be realistic for my junk that I heave around.
  8. Good choice! I love the twiggy and it would look great in rouge vif!
  9. The twiggy is beautiful in rouge vif!
  10. I saw the rouge vif twiggy and I don't like that much, my sister has the rouge vif city and it's amazing, I also really like the first but I think you should take the box it's a very good compromise. I love that shape.