Anyone have a retroverted uterus?

  1. I mentioned in my CVS post that my uterus is apparently (very) retroverted, so they couldn't do the procedure yesterday. I know this supposedly is the case with 20-25% of women and isn't a big deal. However, from the poking around I've been doing, it looks like it was supposed to tip forward around 12 weeks, which hasn't happened yet (I was 13 weeks yesterday, but baby measured 13 +4 on ultrasound.)

    Did anyone else have a retroverted uterus? When did yours tip forward? Hoping that mine will do it soon so that I can have my amnio in a few weeks, since the CVS was a no go.
  2. I have one but I don't know when it tipped forward when I was pregnant. I don't think there is anything to worry about. The doctor said that it is no big deal.
  3. I was told over ten years ago that I have one.
  4. Thanks. I know it's no big deal (except in really really really rare cases), so I'm not worried that it's going to be an issue in terms of the pregnancy. My concern is strictly with getting the silly thing forward so they can do the amnio in three weeks!
  5. Yes, I do...I could always tell when I had a good OB, when the mentioned it....Be carefully when you go to the bathroom to completly empty your bladder (lean forward as far as you can at the end). As you get bigger, your uterus will tip into normal position, and could 'catch' your bladder if it is too full. Usually not a problem with first pregnancys when your muscles are still strong....but on my second pregnacy I did have a problem...on my third when I knew what to do I could actually tell when it was about time, t became harder to get that last little bit out. Then it was fine.

    You're right about that time, for the flip, about 14 weeks :smile:
  6. Thanks, twink! I'm glad to hear 14 weeks. I'd read 10-12, and was a wee bit curious why mine was still staying back there, given the 13+4 ultrasound yesterday. I've found a couple of sources now that say 14-15. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks it will get moving! I've been having a lot of little twinges on the right side, and now some on the left, tonight, so maybe it's tilting forward as I type! Thanks again.
  7. My grandmother, my mother, and I all have one. But it sounds like the lovely ladies here know what they're talking about, so I wouldn't be too worried.

    My grandmother's never flipped, they had to go in and "tac" it up, my mom's was fine, so I'm hoping that when I go to have a baby I don't have any problems.

    Good luck, try to worry, and keep everyone posted. :tup:
  8. I have one and had 2 babies....everything was fine.
  9. Hi,
    Brand new here and found this post after doing a google search for "retroverted uterus and amnio". I know this post is old and not sure if Kimberf, the original poster or the ladies that responded will see it, but my situation is exactly what she described in her original post. At 13 weeks an attempted CVS failed because of my retroverted uterus. I'm waiting now until 16 weeks for an amnio. But like OP - concerned because everything I find online describes the uterus 'lifting up and straightening out' around 10-12 weeks. How worried should I be??

    Anyone else BTDT??

    Kimberf: if you see this - how did things work out for you? Was amnio at 16 weeks successful?

    Search feature is down so I could not dig around further to find any follow-up. I sincerely apologize if this brings up any painful memories.....

  10. Hi Babystar - I was surprised to see this pop up again. No worries about bad memories, my little boy arrived 9 weeks ago and is doing fine. My amnio also went fine. I had it at about 16 1/2 weeks, and they had a great, clear shot at the fluid without any problems. I don't know when it tipped, but somewhere around 14-16 weeks it did. I'm confident yours will do the same -- back at that point, all babies grow at about the same rate, so the weight should be enough. Feel free to ask more about it if you have more questions.