Anyone have a Real Life Pic of Tano Crunch leather???

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  1. I'd love to see a real pic from someone's bag. Web site pics just don't tell the full story alot of times. I know there is alot of complaints about this leather and I want to brace myself before I get the Tano bag in May.

    I have to remind myself it's NOT Kooba leather but is it okay anyway?
  2. I'll be happy to take some pics tonight and post them tomorrow morning.
  3. dont u worry!

    your new bag will be perfect!

    dont stress, and decide from now that you will be happy with it!

    btw, when it comes, only look for the pros, and dont even notice the cons!
  4. I LOVE the look of the crunch leather.. in the pictures anyway!

    I've put in a bid on a crunch Tano on eBay and if I get it, I'll post pics of it. I think it looks delish. :heart:
  5. Thanks Guys.
  6. goes:

    This first one is the Boogie Bucket. I've had it for a while and have used it a lot.
    It's still a bit shiny but more worn in.

    Here is a close up in different light:

    Here it is collapsed to show that it's not at all stiff:

    Here is the Sex Bomb. I don't use it as much so it's not as worn-in as the other bag:

    Close up (the leather of the strap is more like the tag leather. the rest of the bag is crunch leather):

    One last pic, just because Piper wanted to get in it:

    She looks good with a red bag, don't you think? ;)
  7. DeAnna..Piper is soooo darned cute! I love crunched leather. It has a whole look of its own. You can never get creases in the wrong places, either.
  8. Aww thanks. For some reason she's horribly afraid of the camera so I was surprised when she came and laid down right in front!
  9. i love the way it looks once it's been worn in. i like it.
  10. Lexie, I finally got a pic taken of the Tano crunch bag I have. It's the red crunch Supersnazz bag. I like the style, but I prefer softer slouchier leather. You can see how it look stiff and plastic ...I used it one time. the other two bags are from Tano also - they are "cracked leather" and have a wonderful distressed look. the more I use them, the more worn in they get. The leather on them is tdf. This bag is called Streaker and the colors are gold/bronze and charcoal/grey. The pics don't do justice, but I love and adore these two bags. Hope this helps a little. oh yeah and I'm not the best photographer either. :cursing:
  11. Wow, I'm happy to hear that so many of you are interested in Tano bags! Believe me (I am an expert!) Tano crunch leather is NOT stiff or plastic-y and it does not flake. (The Tano leather that "flakes" is the crackle leather from last year, which was intended to shed/flake with wear to get increasingly distressed. I have three crackle leather bags myself, and they do shed a bit- but its a good thing, because they look so much cooler now than they did when they are new!) Crunch leather is made in Italy exclusively for Tano. Its a top grain calf leather. The leather is first dyed a "base color" which is usually a natural shade of tan. It is then hand-stained on top of the base color with aniline (transparant natural) dyes. This transparant color is designed to fade with wear, giving it that great vintage look quickly with use. Gradually more and more of the base color will begin to show. Most people love their Tano crunch leather bags more with age. If you have any questions about wear, tear and/or care of Tano bags, please email me!
  12. Thanks girls for all the pics. I appreciate it. And thanks Tano Expert for the info. After seeing these and all the web site pics I think I like the Crunch leather look. It's different. I am one of those people highly attracted to metallic anything. In the early 80's I had glitter everything. But now I am old...too old for glitzy stuff but I think I can handle this. I can still pull a more subdued shiny bag like this off.

    Now really, I'd rather cancel my Tano order if I could get Piper instead. I am a huge animal lover and that Baby is such a "Silly Bean". I can tell. I know...cause that's what I call my Toy Poodle..LOL
  13. You're welcome!

    I run Tano's only authorized online dealership (wont make any plugs) and I have done so for the past 2 1/2 years. I also work for Tano part time in NYC at their trade shows & doing retail sales training/floor selling for them at Bergdorf Goodman. Let me tell you, all of the Tano bags that Bedgorf's carries are made of crunch leather, and if its good enough for Bergdorf''s... need I say more?

    I consider myself an expert on Tano's leather & aesthetics. I'm excited to see so much chatter on the forums about Tano bags, but at the same time its frustrating when you see misinformation being spread. I couldnt resist the tempation to cut it in set the record straight on crunch leather! Ladies, let's also not forget here that Tano bags retail for around $200, not $700 or $2, its not fair to compare Tano to those higher price brands! Personally, I think that Tano has hot styling, great colors, interesting leathers, terrific quality, AND affordable price points... that is why they are kicking ass in the fashion handbag market right now!

  14. I hope you love the crunch leather Lexie! I do but then I love Tano, period.
    And Piper is a trip! She's got the funniest little personality but is so shy that only a chosen few get to see it!

    I'm looking forward to purchasing the Boogie Bucket in Rose Shadow for the spring!
  15. Alexandra...I thought that might be you. I have 2 of your mails in my inbox. You were really helpful and friendly when I called MUSTHAVEBAGS to place my pre-order. There....I plugged for you.
    It's always good to hear the stuff straight from the horses mouth. I think I am going to like my Crunch Off The Chain. I just won't compare it to my other Bags.
    I'm glad you came here. You can answer all of our Tano questions. There are several Tano threads started. You might want to pop in and set us straight.