Anyone have a rack?

  1. You know, where you hang your purses? What did you think I mean? :p

    I have one but it's getting waaay too full as my collection grows! It's supposed to be a place to hang belts (I've got like 30 belts) but now my bags have taken over. I need to find a better way to store them. Any advice?
  2. Yes, I've got a huuuge rack... My preschoolers are always using them as pillows. *lol*

    I store my tokidoki and Coach bags in clear large flat containers that I store under my bed.
  3. i keep my tokies on door knobs :push: probably notta good place, my kitties like to sleep across the tops of my hanging BV's :nogood:

    i like the ideal of a plastic box :tup:
  4. I used to use a plastic container to store my toki bags but then as my addiction grew there was not enough I got the plastic dresser from kmart (the longer version w/3 draws)to sort out my bags so that they are easier to get to and so they are not squished (i hate when my bags get a wrinkle) and it is very organized.
    -the 1st:mamma mia's, ciao's & porta's
    -the 2nd:bv's
    -the 3rd: scuola's & campeggio

    Ill post a picture when I decide to stop being lazy
  5. I use a large Sterilite container to store them and I store my denaros inside as well, but in zippie bags for added protection.
  6. I've got a clear Rubbermaid bin and they all live happily together in there.

  7. I used to hang my bags on a little coatrack in my room, but then I started getting worried about dust - so I found an old rubbermaid container in my closet, washed it out, and now use that~
  8. I use to store mine in my many Lesportsac bags. Now from the advice from all the wonderful TPFers, I store all my bags in a plastic bin. I'm on to bin #2!

    here's a picture of #1 bin
  9. My collection will never be very big, so they hang from the post on my desk.
  10. I have a ton of built in shelving in my room, so I keep about half of my tokis on shelves. I also have a standing hat/coat rack that I use to hold the purses I use most often, so the other half of my tokis hangs on that. I personally like to have all my handbags out in plain sight so I can find them easier in the mornings
  11. I bought a nice wood bookcase/audio pier from Target for my bedroom to hold all my purses, totes, cosmetics, etc. Any purses/totes/etc. that I am not currently using (infrequently or out of season). I keep in plastic bins in my closet or under my bed. I hate looking at boxes, lol!
  12. I use a pole that I got at Ikea that is part of one of their closet systems. It extends from floor to ceiling. The hooks are perfect because the straps of my bags fit perfectly without any creasing or bending. I have not had a problem with dust with them being out in the open but I do tend to switch my bags around quite a bit so they all get used at least every few weeks.
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  13. I use one of those plastic under the bed storage containers.
  14. Thats what I do currently :cursing: I was looking at them the other day and thought I needed some other method and I like the idea of putting them in clear bins. :love: