Anyone have a rabbit?????

  1. My son was promised a bunny by his Dad when he graduated to black belt in karate next month. It is quite funny because my DH told my son if his Mom lets him get a bunny he can get one, I think my DH expected me to say NOOOOOO------------but I love bunnies and had one when I was little.

    So what I need to know is what needs to be done when you have a rabbit? I mean the care of it day to day. I am clueless??? My son is very excited. I think it will be a fun pet. We don't want any more dogs---had 5 dogs before the kids were born--so we are now dogless and thought a rabbit would be fun. Any thoughts would help me so much.:love:
  2. I've got 2 dwarf lop bunnies and 1 mini lop bunny. Rabbits are more work than people think they are. They have to be housed in a spacious hutch, or cage. Their bedding and litter has to be changed at least 3 times a week, but for indoor bunnies, they can be toilet trained to go within a kitty litter tray, mine are. You also need to let them out for exercise daily. Rabbits hate getting cooped up. They also need to be vaccinated, and careful not to get too much poo around their bottoms as flies could attack and form maggots around the rabbits' bottoms which could be deadly. You need to get them lick stones which contain minerals they don't get in their daily diet. Give them a twig off a fruit tree to gnaw on as you have to ensure their teeth stay grounded and not grow too long. Keep checking their teeth to make sure the top set are growing over the bottom, not vice versa. Hay and rabbit/guinea pig mixes are integral to their diets. You can give rabbit pellets, but they can make the rabbits fat. No iceberg lettuce or melon skins. But on a really hot day, a whole frozen banana would be great for them. When the weather is scorching, ensure your rabbits are kept cool. Rabbits handle the cold better than heat.

    There are a heap of information on rabbits you can find out from breeders. But in terms of temperament, the lop-eared bunnies are fantastic.