Anyone have a Purseket?

  1. I need something for my new medium Carly.

    I know some of you own this so what size do you think I'd need???? for people who wonder what it is....
  2. I have seen these at Bed Bath & Beyond and always wondered if it works.
  3. Cool, I didn't know they had them! We just had one open here before Christmas.

    Hopefully we'll get some reviews.....:popcorn:
  4. I have the large khaki/beet carly and use a chameleon organizer. It's real easy to move from one purse to another.
  5. Ohhh, I like that too!
  6. I had no idea these existed! I want one!! :tup:
  7. I have seen these on here a lot, never really thought there was a use for one for me personally, but I am starting to think I may ;)
  8. I have a joey jr

    I liked it okay but it didn't help hold up the sides of my soho satchel like I wanted it to, not really the product's fault. However, I didn't like that the fabric wore through on the corners so that the hard plastic underneath began to come through. I haven't used it since last summer.
  9. I really like this fabric on the Purseket:


    It would be cute in my medium chocolate sig Carly!
  10. Med will fit in the med carly.
  11. I have several of these. I use them every single day. Makes changing handbags a piece of cake. Keeps the lining more worries about lipstick...pen marks etc. They make one that is very firm and sturdy which is great for those bags that tend have little structure. ya know.....those that fall into a puddle of leather when you set them down......:yes: This really helps them hold their shape. Funny you posted this as I was just looking for a few for gifts. It is really a great idea to get one in a color that is easy to see your stuff. For example.....I have a bag with black satin lining which was so hard to find things in that black I got a red Chameleon insert so everything is soooo easy to see.

    I hope this is not seen as promotional to the mods (sorry if it is:love:) I apologize in advance if it is. But, I think it is very informative and helpful to share such info with others.

    Just my 2 1/2 cents:smile:
  12. this is a medium purseket and my large Carly...

  13. Out of all of the organizers shown, which do you think would be the best in the ergo line ??? * I have an ergo hobo and a scarf print ergo (tote ?) *

    THANKS !!!
  14. Anyone . . .
  15. That is a matter of personal preference. The Chameleon is a solid piece that fits in the handbag like a tray...but very soft with lots of pockets etc. The pursket is like the one shown above which fits down in the purse in a circular fashion.

    Here is another thread from awhile back with some more opinions to which is preferred: