Anyone have a Purse Pleaser?

  1. Okay, hope ya'll don't think this is tacky, but I recently met the woman that invented these and I bought one. It is a plastic sectional thingy that goes in your purse to help you organize it. You get enough to make a small medium and large size to go in each of your purses. I know it seems criminal to put a $30.00 heap of plastic in your expensive purse but I must say that for those of us who are not too organized, this is very handy. Anyone heard of it or have it??
  2. i have heard of purse brite (which I have) and purseket... which is basically the same things... but made of fabric/ plastic.

    purse brite comes w/ a light.
  3. I have a bagmate.....
  4. I bought my MIL pursebrite, she loves it..
  5. PradaDiva, don't the plastic pieces make your bag heavy? I use the purseket and since it's a fabric and a piece of plastic support inside the weight addition is negligible. What do you think?
  6. I don't use one - but I guess if I was using a really big bag I would consider getting one. Right now I use my speedy 25 and I it's not large enough to need an organizer. Great idea though.
  7. Not really. I mean, I think if you go with the large and add tons of stuff it will be heavy, but I usually am doing the medium size and with the right purse it works great! I am very impressed. It is so easy to just look inside and see everything in its place.
  8. Cute picture!
    I love my small one the best! I usually use the medium but the small works great. No speedies hoo! :crybaby:

  9. Oohh, never heard of these. I am going to check them out right!
  10. I am trying to figure this out. Is the whole pink part the bagmate? I am going to check this one out too. Looks so nice! Thanks!
  11. I have a bagmate for my imaginary birkin. My son pretends it's his handbag and carries it around.
  12. The whole thing is the bagmate. It comes with different colored linings. It's great, comes with retractable handles, so it can be used a bag on it's own ( for that emengency trip into airplane toilets which you really do not want your nice bags to experience).
  13. I don't know about all the plastic on the purse pleaser...just not as cute as some of the others....i really liked the idea of the bagmate, but i don't like that it comes with the black tote thing. I wish the linings came seperate, like the purseket...

    i think i will get the purseket, even though i'm not that crazy about the colors....maybe the plain red will do.
  14. I've used a pursesket and then a purse to go. Now I just put stuff in pouches so I no longer use an organizer. I like my bags to be slouchy so I think a plastic organizer would make them look awkward.