Anyone have a Purple Mahala?

  1. Do you like it? Is it really purple or more subdued? Think it's versatile? I am starting to become obsessed! And what would be a better choice? Black or purple mahala?? Any info would be appreciated! TIA!
  2. I do not have the purple Mahala. But if I were in the market for another Mahala, I would definitely get the purple one. It is a beautiful eggplant purple color that will, IMHO, never go out of style. You can pair it with greys in the winter, lighter matching shades of purple in warmer weather, and chocolate brown, black, white, cream, forest green, to name a few!

    I have not seen it on sale online yet. Maybe someone else here has and can provide you with a link.
  3. ^Thanks jburgh! So, is it a pretty deep, dark purple? That's what it looks like on the site. Lovely!
  4. I wouldn't say it is so dark as to almost appear black. But it is not light colored.

    Have you ever read Vlad and Meg's purse blog? You can click on the 'Purse Blog' tab at the top of this page. There is an article about the purple Mahala:

    You can search the blog, that is how I found it. It is a great place for information.
  5. I like the color, but the zippers are a slightly lighter color which I don't really like on this bag. They look almost pink.

  6. Ewwwww, I wouldn't like that one bit. :yucky: Balenciaga is having a big problem with that in their A/W 2007 season. I sent back a forest green part time bbag because the zipper tape was teal blue...didn't match at all. I guess I'd have to see it IRL.
  7. I have it and love it. It is a deep purple but subdued. It can go with anything. Black is boring so I say go for the purple. I attached pics in an earlier thread. But here are more:

    The zippers are lighter than the leather, but are not pink. I don't think they are that noticable at all in real life, but just my two cents.
    m1.jpg m4.jpg
  8. ^That's beautiful! Now my big debate: Purple Mahala or Maddy!??! Thanks for your input ladies!
  9. OMG!

    Your purple mahala is stunning!
    I totally vote for the purple!
  10. Life sucks sometimes! I've been stalking the purple Mahala on NAP for awhile now. Last night it was still regular price, this morning on sale. I got soooo excited! Wouldn't you know, they already sold out? Sigh. The hunt continues!
  11. It's also sold out on I'm so disappointed and of course, sad. The price to pay for waiting for a sale to happen which now will never be.
  12. ^ ITA. I hope, at least, that somebody on tPF got the purple Mahala. There were several that wanted it. Maybe one will pop back in stock somewhere. I'm crossing my fingers for you. That is how I got a Ferragamo Gancio Celtico quilted bag I wanted so badly. I use to visit it at the store (not on sale). I went to buy it at Nordies and someone got it the night before. Months later, there it was on the shelf. My SA said it was returned that day and had never been used. It was pristine, and now lives with me.
  13. There's always hope. =)
    Happened to me too - different brand as well. (see where I live, I survive through online and phone order - imagine how painful that can get..) Anyway, so this bag - there's last two available in the country I guess. I said, let me think about it. Let just a day pass. Gone when I called. Several days later, tried it again, one's back. My SA had to order it from another store and had it sent to me. Phew.. It felt like a little whirlwind. But yes, it felt great!
  14. The purple is so beautiful. It must be even better IRL. :drool: