Anyone have a problem with the patent leather cracking on the Lauren Merkin clutches?


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Jun 6, 2007
I just bought the Louise style clutch in black patent. It was brand new from the back at Bloomingdale's. Anyway upon further inspection at home, I noticed that the sides on the top where the stitching is, there are cracks in the leather and a few tiny ones in the bottom corner of the bag. I noticed in another store that it happened on the patent crocodile ones too!

I'm not sure if I should just not care. The bag was $200 so it's not INSANELY pricey....but still. Has this happened on anyone elses patent Lauren Merkin clutch? I am worried it will get worse the more I use it. :sad: What do ya think?


Nov 8, 2006
You should return it. I don't have any of her patent leather bags but I do have a few leather. I haven't had any problems with them other than the screw on the Louise popped out. I just put it back in. That's a common problem I've heard of before.