Anyone have a problem with gold rubbing off, should I return the bag?

  1. I got the Holiday Patchwork duffle for Christmas and the gold patch on the front is discoloring already. I would understand if it were on the back, where it would rub against my body, but on the front. I watch how I wear my bags, and I always wear the logo, on the outside. Is this normal wear? Is this how the gold fabric usually is on Coach products? The other side is still perfect.

    It came from, do you think I should exchange it, or will it just happen again? If I exchange it, does anyone know about how long it will take?
  2. is it a gold suede...or a gold leather?

    I've heard that's a problem with gold sueded (dusted suede?)...I haven't encountered that issue with my gold leather products though personally.
  3. There's no problem returning it to a store if you want to take it back. Personally, I would definitely return it, but before I got another of the same bag, I would ask the manager/SA there if they have heard of this being an issue with this particular bag. I had a shearling tote from last year that went kind of bald and when I brought it in, the SA said that had been a common problem for those bags (so if I had the option of reordering that bag again, I probably wouldn't have).

    I do have a dusted suede bag and that type of material can rub, but what you're experiencing sounds more like a weird unique defect considering where you're seeing the wear (no pun intended).
  4. oh, def return it! why wouldn't you? it shoudl not be coming off.
    since you are being quite reasonable about the reasons it could be coming off i woudl think you know that its unreasonable for it to be rubbing off. and especialllly at that price!!! get a perfect one! returns don't tend to be a prob at coach.
  5. It is a gold patch on my Holiday Patchwork, it is like a gold colored leather, not suede. I don't have a Coach store anywhere near me, so I will have to send it in. Here is a photo, I don't know how well you will be able to see it though.
    low rec gold patch.JPG holduf.jpg