Anyone have a pink CHANEL wallet?

  1. After seeing/hearing about all these gorgeous pink bags I am thinking of getting a pink wallet.

    Anyone have one? Post pics- I wanna see! :graucho:

    I want a small/medium one w/the CC closure- it doesn't need to hold much- credit card slots is pretty much all I need lol!

    I don't care if it is caviar or lambskin, as long as it is pink!:p

    Also, how much are they and do you think I could find one/have you seen one anywhere? I was thinking in the $550 range for caviar??
  2. i could of sworn i saw one on eBay last week! not too sure if i am getting it mixed up with a purple one though...
  3. I have one but I am going on travel tomorrow am and I am getting ready while online, so I can post pics on Thursday... I love mine. It is the caviar pink.
  4. Ooo! Thanks! Can't wait to see pics!:yes:
    If you don't mind me asking, how much was yours?
  5. Gosh, I don't remember right offhand, but I know for sure when I post the picture the experts will know what it retailed for!!:yes:
  6. Ok- thanks!;)
  7. ;) Can't wait to see yours, Irishgal! I'm a jealous monkey.
  8. I just saw some yesterday. I believe the one you are describing was $595, don't quote me on that one. They had several (plus handbags) at the NM Downtown Dallas. I can give you my SA's #. Just PM me.
  9. Ohhhh I want to see the pink wallet-- I would love to have one.
    Can't wait for pics Irish and have a safe trip!:heart:
  10. Thanks for the info!:yes:
  11. So cute! Thanks for taking the time to post a pic for me!:flowers:
  12. you're welcome Sammiekat! Hope you find yours soon :smile: