Anyone have a picture of old and new epi red 2gether?

  1. I plan on getting a red epi speedy some time in the near future. I am trying to decide whether I prefer the new red or the old discontinued epi red. I plan on getting the bag off of eBay so the fact that it is no longer being produced is not an obstacle in my path.

    I think I may actually prefer the old red with the blue undertones as described on the epi color chart in this section, but I have no real means of comparison. I see both on eBay but would love to be able to really tell the difference in a side by side shot or if I could see people posting a pic of themselves wearing an old red piece. It would help me tremendously. Thanks for your contributions, they are much appreciated!:heart:
  2. IMG_0780.JPG Old Red Alma

    115_1523-20061208191926.jpg New Red Speedy
  3. epicolors.jpg
  4. Thank you ghost! From those pics I prefer the look of the new red. I was hoping I'd like the old better as the prices would probably be lower then on eBay since they are older bags. Ahh well! I know you are the epi:queen: Are both those epi bags you posted above yours? Can you please tell me what year the new red came about so that I can look for it by datecode when I start shopping for it on ebay? Also do you know if the older one and newer ones are the same size in the 30 size or did they change that a bit and make one larger or smaller over the years? I know that the 30 is a tad larger than the regular mono 30 but that is fine with me, lots to carry w/ toddlers, nearly everything I carry is for them. Thank you for your help, it's much appreciated! ~Wendy
  5. here is an alma I found on ebay and I think it's old red w/ a datecode of '01.

    Then I found a jasmin w/ a datecode of '04 and it looks like new red and with that datecode I imagine it is. From the pics though what I see as the difference between the two is that the older one it looks like the striations in the epi appear darker or more pronounced whereas the newer epi it looks as though the striations in the leather blend more. I really have no idea though, am I imagining this? Another thing I notice is the older epi red pieces and epi in general have a black sealant along handles and edges and newer pieces it matches the epi leather. I prefer it not to have the black on it. here's the jasmin from '04

    Thanks again Ghost!
  6. Wendy~ No problem:smile:

    The old red alma was mine. The New red speedy was a picture I saved as a reference for the difference in color. I now have a new red Epi Passy PM. I DO like the new color better than the older one. It just looks better.

    The Old red glue has a base of black, whereas the new red glue is just red. It looks more streamilined.

    Rouge- Red
    a. Old red with blue undertones (Darker) in production 1996 (mine)~ghost
    b. New Red (Looks like Cherry) Brighter: Available 2006

    So~ I guess it is safe to say that the older red was in production until 2006:confused1:...and that the new brighter red was introduced in 2006. I hope this is accurate.

    The size has not changed over the years. However you need to know that the Epi 30 is quite larger than the 25.

    These were both mine and I sold both as the 30 was way too big on me. My husband felt it looked like a suitcase. I am 5'4 and 120 lbs. I sold the yellow as the color really didn't go with my coloring IMO. BUT~ I have 2 other speedies Mandarin and Ivorie in 25.

    lvcollection0607 003.jpg

    The first auction~ I know she has a lot of feedback but she sells a lot of the same bags. Makes me concerned. Just my opinion. AuthenticLvLady sold a beautiful New red speedy recently.

    This was one I was VERY close to buying and then decided on the Red Passy PM instead.
  7. On the second auction~ I would e-mail the seller and see if she can give you more photo's. Some close-ups to help decide which color it actually is. It may be new red... The pics are not real crisp/clear so It is hard to judge.

    On authenticLVlady's auction the datecode was 2005. It was new red.

    Let me know if you need anything else.:supacool::yes:
  8. Thank you sooooo much for your help! It is much appreciated! I wish I were getting the bag now, but I am not on the market right now to get the bag but I will be in a few months time I hope(it's a reward and motivational gift that I'm getting upon completion of a novel I'm working on). When it comes time though I will seek you out to check out potential bags as I would love your opinion, if possible. I notice as well the above epi alma seller has a lot of epi often in her items. omg, wait something just clicked from your posts, you have the red epi alma and the new epi passy? Would you be able to one day do a side by side shot of both bags, set them on the table next to each other or something like that? Pretty please w/ a cherry on top, lol!:flowers: From my perspective on the reds and their colors, I have only seen one red epi speedy 25 irl and I know it wasn't so current as it had gold hardware but I don't know when it was purchased as to know the datecode. It was pretty though, I'm guessing it was a year old. Thank you again for taking the time to chat with me about this.
  9. Hello~ I sold the old red alma as well. It was just a little too bulky for me at the base and a hard style for me to carry.

    I am glad I could help a little bit though:tup:

    I too have a toddler and need some room..;)
    Good luck on your novel! What type of novel is it if you don't mind me asking? I am an avid reader and myself had started a book before..never finished...ugh.

    Take care~
  10. Hi again Ghost! Thanks so much for your response. That is so cool that you write as well! What type of writing did you pursue? I write fiction, family dynamic genre, protagonist in conflict. I basically pick a person out of the family and write/tell her story introducing other family members and outside characters.

    This is my 3rd attempt at finishing a novel. My first was a total bust but it taught me that I have the discipline to write, and that was back when I was 23, 10 yrs ago. That one is totally dumped I don't even have it as it was on a word processor which I no longer possess.

    The second manuscript I finished half, 150 pages I think, that one I wrote back when my oldest who was just 5 was only a mere 6 mos. I stopped writing it when my editor friend went away for the summer and when I learned of pg #2. I never went back to it but do plan on finishing that one after I finish the book I'm working on now, I have too much invested in that one not to finish it, but it's not as close to my heart and as timely, as the current novel. The current book I started I think in Oct. of '06 but didn't really pursue it hard. I now have a 3rd child (and my family is complete) who is finally a settled baby at 15 mos. and now I'm ready to really get going on the writing, I'm guessing I have 80ish pages. I've been outlining this story in my head for a while now and it's got to get out. There are 3 plot lines that I am weaving together and I'm really passionate about it. As far as my writing style, I always write in first person, totally envy those who have the skill to do otherwise. I used to attempt those types but couldn't get very far w/out using first person voice. How about you?
  11. Very Cool!:tup:

    I staretd writing the one book when I was in high school. But like most things to a went on the way side. It was a book about being popular (should have stuck with it...would have been better than meangirls!) As it was based on true life experiences. It was written in the 1st person as well. I have thought about writing others....but went back to school for 2 more degrees instead. Maybe now that my latest is finished and after baby #2, I will venture back into it. The high school book would write itself. I have also thought about writing a book about the education system and what the general population is "missing" in regards to what actually goes on etc.. It is pretty scary for the educators if you ask me. I have written to OPRAH as well to have a show about this avail.

    I have also written some material for use in speech pathology.

    I work full-time so maybe next summer!

    It is good to meet you and I wish you the best of luck! It sounds fab! If you need anyone to read it and give feedback, let me know. I am brutally honest which is a positive and also gets me called a few names at times. :nuts:....

  12. hi. here's my mum's Epi taken a while back. they're not side-by-side, but i hope this helps.


    i'll see if i can take another photo of just the two ;)
  13. I actually had both side by side for a short while, as I sold my new red Speedy and bought one in the old red. I took a photo for comparison, but with the camera I had at the time there was hardly any visible difference.

    In reality though, I think the old red leather is far more sturdy, the structure comes out more clearly and it is slightly darker overall. I also think it ages better, since the new red had a number of wrinkles along the zipper after just about a year of moderate use while the old red doesn't show any creases at all.
  14. speedyqueen, wow you have a picture?! BTW you have completely sold me on getting the old red after reading your post! Thank you as now I can save about $200, lol. I would be interested for sure in seeing the pic anyway, just out of curiosity. If it's readily available and you don't have to go digging around for it that is, don't go to any trouble. I can't believe you had the new red and sold it for the old red, that is so fascinating and cool to me! The one and only red epi I have seen irl was a speedy 25 w/ gold hardware but I believe it was new red bec. I'm pretty sure the bag was kind of newish, and it had visible wrinkling on it that turned me off a bit from getting one. I also think the owner wears the bag exclusively as I've now spotted her wearing it around town 2 or 3 other times! Thank you so much for sharing your story and posting! Were both speedy the exact same size? And if you could please tell me as well, what is the datecode on your 'old' red speedy? Ghost and I were trying to figure out when old was discontinued and new red came into production. Thank you!

    Deluxeduck, you are so thoughtful to post that pick of your mum's gorgeous bags. I know everyone says that the old red has the blue undertones(which is what I'm hoping for since I am now leaning towards the old red, however from your pic of the noe and Ghost's of her alma those old red epi look more orange based, maybe it's just in pics and the new red to me looks more blue undertones. Thank you again for your pic, I really appreciate it!

    Ghost, Congrats on your multiple degrees! I think you should totally finish your book if you can, I'd read it! Mean girls and heathers are both in my top 5 favorite movies. A book targeting the education issues that we are dealing with is very timely as well and would for sure have an audience. Go for it! My editor(my good friend who is a published author of non fiction that I edited for her, lol) just gave birth today so I'll be out of an editor for a little while. I may take you up on your offer! I am very protective of sharing my writing, terrified of someone taking off with my idea, lol, but you sound safe to me, and I've read your posts and see your integrity. If you notice, I didn't reveal anything about my plot in the above posts, lol, that's how paranoid I am about thievery of ideas, lol. I love harsh blatant feedback, my dh gives it to me as does my friend Jessie. I will probably pm you for your email to send you something, thanks again for the offer!
  15. i personally prefer the old red because it is darker, the deeper (sulci) bits do have that greyish tinge and the higher points (gyri) are lighter. while the new one has more orange in it. i'll try to take a photo of these two in different lights and angles when i get home ;)