Anyone have a picture of a teak colored Sienna??

  1. I know one of you gals must have one...
  2. Sorry i haven't!:crybaby:But i love Sienna!
  3. Actually Lexie and I have the '05 Sienna which is called "Expresso" or Espresso" I'm not sure how to spell it....I will post pics of mine tomorrow a.m. It's late and dark here! :p
  4. I saw one on bag borrow or steal and it was called teak. They also listed another one as espresso that looked darker. I wonder if it's the same bag...
  5. I think it's "espresso", like the drink, not "expresso" which is what my daughter would say when she was little and wanted to go in the fast lane!! It's a yummy, smooth leather. The teak color that I've seen seems to be a heavily distressed/pebbled leather.
  6. You are right! The one that they are listing as Teak is pebbled leather..
  7. Teak and Espresso definitely not the same. The Espresso is smooth and rish. The Teak is.....well....ugly IMO. I bought a Teak Frankie when the color first came out and got rid of it promptly. The color was dull and the strangest dirty brown wirh a hint of green in it? Just very strange. And any Teak bag they made was pebbled. Teak came out the same time the Bourbon and Raisin Siennas did.
  8. Ohhhh....who knew? :nuts:

    Here's my Expresso Sienna....
  9. Fancy shmanshy...
  10. Here's a pic from Bag/Borrow. It's quite ugly and I actually think this picture is more flattering than it really is..

  11. Yeah, that is totally ugly! Thanks for posting that.
  12. Are all the pebbled Siennas like that?

    And Lexie - what? Another Avatar???? ;):heart:
  13. The Teak seemed to have a more streaky kind of distressing while the bourbons, blacks, raisins, had a more pebbled look. I've never wanted a pebbled one because they seem to look roughed up or rugged look. I had the Bourbon one for like 5 minutes once. I knew it wasn't for me. But some people love them.
    I had the Teak Frankie and it was horrid. I sold it and got a Bourbon that was so nice.

    And you Missy, change your Avatar quite alot too? Am I not allowed? LOL Or should the Kooba Queen only have Koobas in her Avatar? If so....I'll have to relinquish the title. Anyone want it?
  14. I think you should have whatever you like you sweet sweetie! After all, the little lady in my avatar is me!!! :wlae:
    (I didn't really offend you, did I????????? :sad:)
  15. Offend me??? I just wish you could hear the inflection in my posts. I have a dry sense of humor and everything I saw (most times) is tongue in cheek. I have this thing where I really hate to type so I am blunt and to the point most times and am not real descriptive because it means more typing.

    I was laughing calling you Missy. Sarcasm, ya know? And thank you...I will change my avatar whenever I feel like it :lol: