Anyone Have a Picture of a CAMEL BBag ???

  1. Hi!

    Does anyone have a BBag in the new 06 CAMEL color they can show me? Thinking of maybe The Purse style...

  2. I have it in the Day. (camel '06)
    DSCN5595.jpg DSCN5592.jpg
  3. <--- I got the Part Time. All the camel bags I have seen, no matter what the style, have had beautiful leathers. Nothing like the black leathers in 06.
  4. Kristy - that camel day looks incredible on you
    Newbie - and I love love love your part-time
  5. Here are some in different light situations. This one isn't a chameleon like some of the others. The camera pretty well captures the color.
    pic000v2.jpg pic001v2.jpg pic002v2.jpg pic004v2.jpg pic006v2.jpg
  6. More
    pic007v2.jpg pic008v2.jpg pic009v2.jpg pic010v2.jpg
  7. Powderpuff,

    your bag looks AMAZING and SOOOOO SMOOTHY. This just might bring me to the carmel side.....;) ;)
  8. thanks kathleen!
  9. Thanks Kathleen.
    My Mom ordered it, she likes it but I LOVE it. I told her I was going to order one and she said that since she has a blue India on the way, I could have this one. :yahoo: If she doesn't like the BI then she will return it and exchange for a camel or order another camel. My fiance thinks it looks like butterscotch pudding. He said do you need another? that's a lot of money for butterscotch pudding. :lol: I said well.... yes :P
  10. Gorgeous!! Isn't '06 camel the bomb??? And you totally scored with the awesome leather!
  11. I really think 06 camel is the most beautiful luscious color, so warm and it matches every outfit I have attempted to carry it with!

    But what color to choose next is killing me!
  12. Yes, that's the best part. Camel matches EVERYTHING!!! It is such a rich shade of butterscotch. Sigh. It makes me happy.
  13. WOW!!! :nuts: Certainly didn't expect all those pics! THANK YOU ALL!!!

  14. You're welcome. I like to show them in several lighting situations. I think that way you can really see what the color and leather looks like. It is pretty and it does match almost any outfit that you wear. Ealier today my finace was groaning about another bag, same style just different color. We are going to dinner and I decided to carry it and he changed his mind. He commented on how pretty it was :wtf:
  15. and we loooove butterscotch pudding!